Apple’s Scary Fast October Mac event: How to watch and what to expect tonight

Anton Ioffe - October 30th 2023 - 6 minutes read

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Apple's technological advancements as we anticipate the upcoming event tonight. Prepare to delve into the specifics of the anticipated M3 chip, its expected competencies, and the surprising upheavals it might inject into the market. We'll also venture into uncharted territories, exploring possible enhancements to iMac and MacBook Pro, as well as the surprise elements that could add a twist to the saga. This comprehensive, deep-dive article seeks to shed light on the integral changes that are about to revolutionize the offerings from the Apple powerhouse. Buckle up to explore the fascinating universe of unpublished speculations, facts, and updates that could all see the daylight tonight!

Unveiling the Powerhouse: Details of Apple's M3 Chip

As we transition from the M2 era, all eyes are on Apple's next-generation innovations: M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max. Ditching the 5nm process used in the manufacturing of M2 chips, the eagerly awaited M3 series is slated for a massive leap, created with TSMC's superior 3nm process. The M3 lineup is expected to demonstrate varying degrees of power and efficiency, much like the previous M2 series - with the base M3 potentially boasting eight CPU cores, divided equally between performance and efficiency streams, paired with an impressive ensemble of 10 GPU cores. The M3 Pro, higher on the performance scale, is speculated to begin with an awe-inspiring 12 processing cores.

The ongoing dialogue surrounding chips and processors inevitably leads to comparisons. The blooming Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite, a notable rival in the market, boasts a 50% speed advantage over Apple's M2 generation. It's clear that Apple's unveiling of the M3 chips provides a significant point for the tech giant to exhibit its technical mastery, as well as fortify its position in the hardware niche. Adding to the intrigue, there are reports that Apple has secured TSMC’s entire 3nm chip production for the forthcoming year, suggesting a strategic advantage against rivals.

Even though technological advancements often astound, they rarely come without their share of debates and challenges. Apple's M-series chips, known for their power, efficiency, and cool operation, are preparing to make a splash in a market brimming with solid competition. While the tech world waits with bated breath to see how the 3nm M3 chips will stack up against the 5nm process employed in the M2 line, the expectations are sky-high: faster speed, unparalleled efficiency, and unscathed potential. As the tech orbit enthusiastically heralds the forthcoming event, it's evident that the main attraction is set to be the M3.

The Big Reveal: M3-Powered iMac Debuts

The soon-to-be-launched 24-inch iMac, expected to be powered by an M3 chip, signifies a highly anticipated transformation from the popular M1-based iMac of 2021. This upcoming M3 chip maintains the usability and artistic tradition of its previous iterations while ensuring a plethora of under-the-hood enhancements. It's anticipated that the CPU and GPU performances will witness a notable advancement, resulting in a substantial rise in processing power. This suggests that the M3-powered iMac could effortlessly manage a variety of applications and tasks, from everyday work to processor-intensive activities.

A striking feature of the M3 chip is its proposed capacity to support a larger quantity of RAM, and possibly an increased-capacity SSD. Concurrently, alterations to the internal components might result in a more streamlined and efficient performance. Yet, the external design is expected to retain the familiar aesthetics of the 2021 iMac, providing a sense of reassuring continuity.

While there is industry speculation about a larger 32-inch iMac, immediate attention is on the evocative 24-inch variant. There is a buzz around the possible enhancements that the new iMac might incorporate moving forward. By keeping the familiar exterior and being equipped with an M3 chip, the new iMac proposes to unleash unseen levels of power and performance right from its debut. This could possibly set new industry standards and create another success story for Apple. As always, only time will reveal the truth.

Rapid Evolution: The Impact of M3 Chips on MacBook Pros

Ahead of Apple's upcoming "Scary Fast" event, there are signals in the market that suggest the possible arrival of an M3 refresh for their 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. One notable indication is the dwindling stock of M2 Pro and Max chip-equipped laptops. Reports have surfaced suggesting a potential launch of M3 Pro and M3 Max versions, possibly with more efficient Mini LED displays featured in the MacBook Pro lineup before the close of the year.

Insiders referenced pre-release prototype testing of the new MacBook Pro models. They reportedly use M3 Pro and M3 Max chips featuring 16-core CPUs, 40-core GPUs, and an impressive 48GB memory capacity, notably surpassing current models' performance. In addition, notable speculation suggests that the new batch of larger laptops will adopt more power-efficient Mini LED displays, a feature that could attract buyers who prioritize display performance.

Moving from existing M2 chips to the more advanced M3 chips might result in substantial performance improvements, specifically for high-end gaming, thanks to the upgraded GPU capabilities. Beyond gaming, the improved performance might transform MacBook Pros into more versatile workstations for more complex tasks. However, it is important to note that these are based on speculation and rumors. The tech industry will finally see the validity of these claims during the much-awaited "Scary Fast" event.

The Unexpected: Potential Updates Beyond Macs

Following the release of the new iMac and MacBook Pro models, we may see unexpected updates on other Mac products as well. Latest information indicates the 13-inch MacBook Pro could see a refresh, with rumors surrounding an M3 chip. However, prominent reports suggest the 13-inch MacBook Pro will undergo revisions, featuring the advanced chip, at some point in the future. With a potential release date speculated to be in early 2024, the likeliness of an upgrade to the 13-inch model during the "Scary Fast" event is slim. Mac products such as the MacBook Air, Mac mini, Mac Pro, and Mac Studio are not expected to see an upgrade until 2024 as well. For now, upgrades to these models will be kept on hold.

Surprises may also unfold in the form of accessories. For instance, with the release of the new iMac, we may anticipate the launch of upgraded versions of the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and Magic Trackpad for Mac. The updated accessories are rumored to feature USB-C ports for charging as opposed to the traditional Lightning ports. Reflecting on Apple's previous patterns, it seems likely that new accessory iterations would accompany the iMac release. Therefore, while it is yet unconfirmed, we can expect an accessory overhaul along with the Mac updates.

As for the Vision Pro, a sophisticated AR/VR headset slated for a 2024 release, we need to curb our enthusiasm for updates during this event. The Vision Pro is seen as a potential gamechanger, teeming with advanced features such as dual 4K displays, gesture tracking, an M2 chip, and a premium price tag. Despite the rumors, it's best to not anticipate the unveiling of the Vision Pro or any related updates at the event. This holistic view allows us to understand that the focus of the event will likely be on the Mac updates, with potential small novelties in the form of accessories.


Apple's upcoming October Mac event is set to unveil the highly anticipated M3 chip, which is expected to revolutionize the market with its power and efficiency. The event will also showcase the M3-powered iMac, featuring under-the-hood enhancements and increased processing power. Additionally, there are rumors of an M3 refresh for the MacBook Pro models, potentially offering improved performance and Mini LED displays. While updates to other Mac products and accessories may be revealed, the focus will likely be on the Mac updates.

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