Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event video was shot on iPhone

Anton Ioffe - October 31st 2023 - 6 minutes read

Venturing into unchartered territories of cinematic production, Apple's ‘Scary Fast’ launch event took storytelling to innovative heights, shot entirely on an iPhone. This article unpacks the captivating spectacle and delves deep into the unique video recording attributes of the device, the myriad complexities of producing an event of this magnitude on a humble smartphone, and the strategic implications this could have on hardware capabilities and marketing paradigms. As you journey through this narrative, you'll gain exclusive insights into this revolutionary evolution in product launches, aptly demonstrating Apple’s prowess in harnessing their own technology. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, filmmaker or a business strategist, this deconstruction of Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event will ensure a riveting read.

'Scary Fast' Event: The Evolution of Apple's Product Launches

The 'Scary Fast' event demonstrated a pivotal turn in the methodology of Apple's product launches. Bypassing the need for lavish stage performances, the tech giant introduced an innovating format by shooting the whole presentation on an iPhone. This daring scheme echoes the company's eminent 'Shot on iPhone' campaign, illustrating how strategies have transformed to incorporate the remarkable advancements in Apple's own devices.

The 'Scary Fast' event managed to impress with its execution and pace, signaling a remarkable progression in the realm of product launches. In the past, launches were devised as grand shows designed to enthrall audiences with striking stage lights and dramatic reveals. Yet, the 'Scary Fast' event broke tradition as it was shot entirely on an iPhone 15 Pro Max, a clear reflection of the exceptional video recording abilities packed by this iPhone. Not simply a product launch, the 'Scary Fast' event serves as a testament to Apple's faith in its own technology.

Gone are the days when product launches relied solely on alluring showmanship. Apple's 'Scary Fast' event demonstrated that the future leans towards efficiency. Filming an entire event using an iPhone indicates a vast departure from the norm. This approach embodies the evolution from their prior flamboyant launches, positioning more authentic and genuine presentations at the forefront. In producing the entire event with an iPhone, Apple has indeed set a high standard for fellow tech corporations, essentially narrating the evolution of product launches in a new light.

The Unmatched Filming Capabilities of the iPhone

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has recently underscored its filming prowess by serving as the primary equipment for recording Apple's 'Scary Fast' event. Offering 4K video recording employing the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), it is the only smartphone series worldwide to flaunt this unmatched attribute. Such a remarkable feature indeed consolidates the trust in iPhone's powerful video recording capacities, making it the cornerstone of visual presentations and works like music videos, short films, and corporate events.

The fundamental recording device in Apple events is the iPhone 15 Pro Max, emphasizing the confidence conferred upon iPhone's video recording performances. These performances highlight the technological competence in capturing cinematic visuals, thus building a formidable reputation for iPhones in terms of their advanced video recording features.

Apple has incorporated ProRes recording into its latest smartphone models to bolster its high-tech toolset for filmmakers. With the addition of an external storage drive, the iPhone 15 Pro Max undergoes a transformation, activating 4K 60fps ProRes recording. This innovative feature enhances post-production flexibility, underlining the advanced filmmaking capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Such a bold conversion reiterates the breadth of possibilities that an iPhone brings to the world of video production.

The Unsung Heroes: Analyzing the Production Nuances

Filming a significant corporate event, such as Apple's, is an intricate ballet involving a fine-tuning of human resources, sophisticated equipment, and elaborate processes. The device central to this production was the iPhone 15 Pro Max with its cutting-edge video recording capabilities. But, it's also important to underline that professional audio recording devices, precision drone controllers, versatile lighting gear, and diverse camera attachments may have supported the iPhone's endeavors. These supplementary tools, working together, capture the perfect visual and audio elements of the event.

Digging deeper, a cadre of seasoned professionals with multifaceted skills likely orchestrated this assembly of elements to give shape to the final presentation. From directors guiding the narrative, skilled camera operators framing each shot, drone pilots managing the overhead views, to sound engineers ensuring audio clarity and editors working with post-production experts to refine and tie everything together. Remember, the devil is in the details; anyone aspiring to undertake a project of similar nature should bear this in mind. A state-of-the-art recording device like the iPhone 15 Pro Max and a team of experienced professionals are not independent; they work symbiotically to create a successful production.

The outcome is a fascinating glimpse into future production possibilities, with smartphones taking the lead as primary recording devices. While it highlights inherent limitations and the degree of effort required, it also underlines the potential benefits—significant cost savings might be possible by doing away with ultra-expensive filming equipment, considering the impressive camera features of today's high-end smartphones. Duplicating Apple's feat might be a steep challenge for an average individual or a small business for now. However, with smartphones stepping up with professional-grade accessories and software, we might just see more of such ventures on the horizon. In the future where mobile technology continues to advance, creating professional level videos with your smartphone might become more commonplace than it is today.

Implications on Hardware Capabilities and Market Strategy

Apple's strategic move to showcase the video recording capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max during the "Scary Fast" event is a prime example of a company using its own product to demonstrate its full potential. The entirety of the presentation, from the perspectives of presenters to drone footage, was captured using an iPhone. This not only highlights the superior video recording features of the iPhone but also puts Apple at the forefront of a potential shift in market strategy where companies can illustrate the excellence of their products through real-world demonstrations as opposed to traditional product launch techniques.

More importantly, by citing that even the detailed production of a product launch event is feasible on an iPhone, Apple has skillfully stitched a new narrative where smartphones are not merely consumer gadgets, but powerful tools capable of professional-level tasks. Apple pairs its iPhone with other professional recording equipment, paving the way for data-driven integrated solutions in the consumer electronics sector. This could not only revitalize the perception of smartphones in the professional world but also creates a ripple effect, in which other companies may feel compelled to demonstrate their hardware capabilities in similar realistic, high-stakes scenarios.

Lastly, Apple's gamble on utilizing the iPhone 15 Pro Max as the recording centerpiece of an entire product launch reveals the tech giant's confidence in its product's capabilities. This stands as a strong testament to the videographic prowess of the iPhone— even without 8K video recording— that not only validates user trust but, more vitally, entices potential buyers. Consequently, it lays the groundwork for future market strategy by setting a benchmark for hardware capabilities while simultaneously altering consumers’ expectations. Therefore, Apple's strategic move may instigate a broader market response— with other companies likely to imitate this strategy— while cementing iPhone's commanding presence in the smartphones segment.


Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ event video was a groundbreaking production, shot entirely on an iPhone. This article explores the implications of this innovative approach, highlighting the evolution of Apple's product launches and the unmatched filming capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The article also emphasizes the importance of the production nuances and the potential impact on hardware capabilities and market strategy. Overall, Apple's use of the iPhone for this event sets a benchmark for hardware capabilities and elevates the perception of smartphones as powerful tools capable of professional-level tasks.

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