Apple Watch’s best new feature is now live

Anton Ioffe - October 25th 2023 - 5 minutes read

Innovation never rests, and Apple is once again poised to redefine the dynamics of the wearable tech landscape. The much-anticipated feature of the Apple Watch is now live and ready to usher in a new era of connectivity and health monitoring. In this comprehensive article, we'll walk you through this breakthrough feature from multiple perspectives. We'll unravel its key functionalities, provide an authentic hands-on experience, dig deep into the tech mechanics underpinning this latest addition, and venture forward to explore what potential future improvements may look like. So strap in and get ready to delve into the future, as we embark on this exciting journey through the latest advancement in Apple Watch technology.

The Apple Watch's Breakthrough Feature Goes Live

The revolutionary feature of the Apple Watch, designed to enhance its ease of use, is now available to users. The feature, powered by the device's heart sensor and gyroscope, paired with a machine-learning algorithm, provides a seamless one-hand usage. Additionally, users can now find their iPhone with unprecedented precision thanks to the improved 'Find My iPhone' functionality. This advanced feature goes beyond the standard device locator, leading you to the precise position of your phone.

The latest Apple innovation also introduces an enhanced chip that brings palpable benefits to the user. The outcomes of this upgrade are evident in the expedited processing speed and optimized power usage, promising longer periods between charges. Furthermore, the fresh watchOS 10 design draws more from the Apple Watch's display. The result is an at-a-glance access to essential details, facilitated by updated apps that deliver more information with reduced navigation.

Prominent in the feature rollout is Apple's focus on health and wellness, demonstrated by the addition of advanced features in the Mindfulness app. This holistic tool set bolsters mental health support, thereby speaking to Apple's enduring commitment to its consumers' wellness. For those who live an active lifestyle, the new feature offers an array of advantageous features. Bluetooth connectivity for power meters, speed sensors, and cadence sensors provide real-time performance data for outdoor activities like cycling. As Apple continues to redefine the concept and function of a watch, users are endowed with an increasingly capable health and wellness partner, right on their wrists.

Experience Shaping Up: A Virtual Test Run

After several days of testing, the beta version of the new Apple Watch feature stands out as more than just a traditional fitness tracker; it's like a personal assistant attached to your wrist. It performs multiple roles, monitoring your fitness activities while keeping you abreast with news and noteworthy updates. To get the best experience, position the watch slightly higher on your wrist. The feature, initially trialed by beta testers, has now rolled out to all users with compatible hardware.

The real game-changer here is how this feature beefs up your sports and fitness tracking experiences. For instance, let's take the 'My Sports' addition to the Apple News app. Tailored for sports enthusiasts, it brings together scores, schedules, standings, and highlights of your favorite teams and matches — creating a sports news hub personalized just for you. This feature is available to users in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia with an added bonus of premium coverage for Apple News+ subscribers. Simultaneously, Apple is set on redefining your in-car experience with an improved CarPlay system that will allow customization of the odometer and extensive car controls. This upgraded experience targets a launch in associated vehicles by late 2023.

The latter part of the new feature highlights Apple's commitment to boosting accessibility for all users. Take, for example, the 'Door Detection' technology for visually impaired users; it uses smart detection algorithms to notify users about nearby doors, promoting independence. The 'FitSpark' offering suggests balanced workouts based on your recent fitness activities, ensuring a rounded routine. For a touch of the future, there's the Vision Pro VR headset, a device that puts you in control using your eyes, hand gestures, or voice. A note of caution, though – while the music functionality allows you to operate music from your watch, it essentially acts as a remote control for your iPhone's music. It could be more seamlessly integrated. Still, this minor limitation does not overshadow the benefits and advancements of the new feature, which redesigns the user experience and paves the way for a new era in wearable devices.

Under the Hood: Unpacking the Tech Behind the Feature

Diving straight into the crux of the new feature, it's the powerful S9 chip at the helm of operations, enhancing the Apple Watch with accelerated processing and energy efficiency. This significant leap in technology obliterates the limitations of previous advancements, which were primarily concentrated around screen size and sensor upgrades.

The S9 chip harnesses the potential of a key component known as the “neural engine.” Think of it as Apple's genius core, dedicated to facilitating sophisticated features while optimizing battery consumption. Diverging from the convention followed by other tech giants like Google and OpenAI, Apple's strategy focuses on in-device processing rather than server dependency, thereby considerably reducing power drainage.

Taking a deeper dive into the inner workings, the A17 Pro chip is incorporated, embedded with billions of micro-components that function in unison, revving up data processing speeds without compromising on energy conservation. The masterstroke, however, is the incorporation of AI into the operational spectrum. From managing your playlist, navigating timers, to manipulating the flashlight, AI breathes life into the system. Hence, the S9 chip, the neural engine, and the A17 Pro chip collectively contribute to surpassing the frontiers of technological excellence.

Looking Ahead: Expectations and Future Projections

Moving forward, the introduction of the S9 chip to the Apple Watch series indicates a promising shift towards a more powerful and efficient smartwatch. This critical update manifests as Apple's move to continue at the forefront of the smart gadget industry, by continuously enhancing its product's performance while ensuring the system's efficiency. As such, the tech giant is likely to persist in developing its hardware to maintain a competitive edge.

Undoubtedly, Apple's advancements aren't limited to smartwatches. The hinted-upon augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro, represents Apple's push into the AR realm, which could cross synergize with the advancements in their smartwatch segment. This cross-platform integration is a likely scenario, considering Apple's track record in developing a unified and seamless digital ecosystem. Therefore, we can expect future iterations of the Apple Watch to integrate augmented and virtual reality features to complement the Vision Pro.

Lastly, Apple's emphasis on emphasizing health and accessibility features in recent updates points towards a future where technology serves as a crucial partner in maintaining one's well-being. Emphasizing accessibility and health-conscious functionalities show Apple's dedication to catering to a wider consumer base, and these initiatives only look set to deepen in future updates. In conclusion, Apple's recent advancements suggest a future where technology isn't just a tool, but a partner in health, efficiency, and immersive experiences.


Apple has launched a groundbreaking feature for the Apple Watch, offering seamless one-hand usage, precise phone tracking, improved chip performance, and enhanced health and wellness capabilities. The feature showcases Apple's commitment to delivering a comprehensive and advanced wearable device. Additionally, the article highlights future projections including potential cross-platform integration with augmented and virtual reality, and Apple's dedication to accessibility and health-conscious functionalities.

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