AI-based data center optimization startup MangoBoost raises $55M Series A

Anton Ioffe - October 24th 2023 - 5 minutes read

In the dynamic sphere of data center optimization, we see an emergent leader crafting an innovative path, powered by intelligent technology - a startup named MangoBoost. Having recently secured an impressive $55M in Series A funding, their progress is casting ripples in the industry. Join us as we delve into the significance of this financial milestone, explore the depth of AI's role in MangoBoost's groundbreaking solutions, examine tangible proofs of the startup's success, and finally, chart the course of its anticipated future growth. This journey through MangoBoost's strides present a compelling preview into the transformative potential of AI in data center optimization.

The Significance of MangoBoost's $55M Series A Funding

MangoBoost's recent success in securing a hefty $55M in Series A funding not only reflects investor confidence in the data center optimization startup, but also presents a promising future for their DPU (Data Processing Unit) solutions in a competitive market. First and foremost, this substantial injection of capital will propel MangoBoost's product development efforts, allowing for significant improvements and innovations in both their hardware and software solutions. By enhancing their offerings, the company will be able to increase its competitive edge in the market, meeting the growing demand for efficient and cost-effective data center management solutions.

Furthermore, the hefty funding will also enable MangoBoost to expand its workforce significantly. This expansion, aimed at nearly doubling their current staff by the end of the next year, is crucial for sustaining and accelerating the development and deployment of the company's DPU solutions. With more human resources at their disposal, MangoBoost is better positioned to navigate operational challenges, meet its growing customer needs, and explore new potential areas of growth and innovation.

The final, but equally significant aspect of MangoBoost's successful funding round revolves around their competitive positioning in an increasingly crowded DPU market. Despite competition from tech behemoths and semiconductor giants, including the likes of Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Amazon, and Microsoft, MangoBoost's unique, customizable set of DPU features sets them apart. Each of these factors emphasize the importance of this funding round for MangoBoost’s future in the industry and signals a potential shift in the DPU market dynamics.

The Role of AI in MangoBoost's Innovations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds immense potential in optimizing data centres, a fact no better recognized than by MangoBoost. Merging this potential, the startup has linked AI with the sophisticated Data Processing Unit (DPU) technology to manage immense data volumes, thereby enhancing workloads and promoting cost efficiency. By augmenting its DPU technology with AI, MangoBoost brings about a significant transformation in the industry by equipping businesses with a potent tool to boost their data processing capabilities.

In MangoBoost's technology, AI has a pivotal role to play, adjusting the operation of DPUs essential for synchronizing various server’s components such as CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, NPUs, and NICs. The AI-enabled DPU technology crafted by MangoBoost is distinct as it further enables workload procedures in the cloud and data centres by offloading communication networking from the CPU or GPU, ensuring cost-effectiveness. Such distinctiveness, combined with customizability to accommodate individual customer needs, makes MangoBoost's solution a trailblazer in the data centre optimization market.

Incorporating AI in its DPU technology, MangoBoost has set a benchmark in the industry. The effectiveness of the startup's AI-integrated DPUs has already been proven, as evidenced during the OCP Summit 2023 presentation. As the industry progresses, MangoBoost’s DPUs utilising AI have demonstrated performance benefits, reflecting potential future trends in data center optimization. The sustained integration of AI in MangoBoost's DPU technology might herald a potential paradigm shift in data centre optimization.

MangoBoost at Work: Evidence of Success

MangoBoost's groundbreaking application of their DPU technology has been most notably demonstrated through their collaboration with Samsung. During the OCP Summit 2023, they showcased the significant potential of their optimized DPU solution. When used in tandem with Samsung’s Petabyte SSD storage system, MangoBoost's DPU achieved an impressive threefold higher performance than rival solutions, while also successfully reducing CPU usage by up to a substantial 95%. This successful demonstration perfectly encapsulates the potential MangoBoost's unique DPU can bring to data centers, affirming the effectiveness of their innovative technology.

Dr. Kwon, CTO of MangoBoost recently delivered an eye-opening presentation at the OCP APAC TechDay, with the audience's reaction to the company's advancements in customizable DPU solutions being described as "beyond amazing". The presentation showcased multiple DPU features including those aimed at AI servers, big data servers, and cloud servers. Each of these components cater to different customer needs, ensuring a comprehensive set of options for potential partners looking to supercharge their data processing capabilities and capacity.

Finally, it is essential to take note of MangoBoost’s unruffled confidence amidst the competitive landscape. The startup's engineers have pointedly focussed more on developing their DPU hardware and software solutions and deploying them in real-world systems than on making lofty claims. Highlighting this belief in their technology and its potential impact, MangoBoost was featured in various TV programs and newspapers during Minister Jongho Lee (Ministry of Science and ICT)’s recent visit to MangoBoost Korea. Amid the company's future developments, we can expect more success stories that reinforce MangoBoost's status in the data center optimization industry.

MangoBoost's Future Prospects and Growth Plans

Accelerating Development and Expansion Post-Funding

In the aftermath of its successful Series A funding round, MangoBoost is primed to accelerate the expansion and development of its DPU solutions. By purposefully putting a significant portion of its new capital towards enhancing DPU hardware and software products, the startup is prioritizing improvements across its portfolio, including its offerings in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)-based DPU, ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuits)-based DPU, and others. This surge in developmental efforts will position MangoBoost more impactfully in the DPU market, in turn driving the industry forward.

Doubling Workforce and Building Capacity

Endeavoring to meet the burgeoning demand for optimizing data center mechanisms, MangoBoost plans to hire additional staff. While the current workforce stands at 58, the startup aims to almost double this figure by the end of 2024. A bolstered team will enable MangoBoost to further penetrate the DPU market, engage with a larger clientele base, and enhance overall operational capacity.

Navigating DPU Market Dynamics and Competition

In the dynamic and competitive DPU market landscape, MangoBoost faces formidable rivals such as Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Amazon, and Microsoft. However, the startup holds its own with an extensive and customizable set of DPU features, which distinguishes it from competitors by catering to the unique needs of businesses and data centers. The progress and expansion facilitated by the latest funding round may potentially disrupt market dynamics and push the industry into a new era of data center optimization.


MangoBoost, an AI-based data center optimization startup, has recently raised $55M in Series A funding, reflecting investor confidence and positioning the company for future growth. The funding will allow MangoBoost to improve its hardware and software solutions, expand its workforce, and enhance its competitive edge. By combining AI with their Data Processing Unit (DPU) technology, MangoBoost offers a unique and customizable solution that has already demonstrated impressive performance benefits. The company's collaboration with Samsung and their successful demonstration at the OCP Summit 2023 further highlight MangoBoost's potential impact on the data center optimization industry. With a focus on accelerating development, doubling their workforce, and navigating market competition, MangoBoost is poised for success in this dynamic industry.

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