Adapting to the climate crisis with Jonas Torland from 7Analytics

Anton Ioffe - October 24th 2023 - 6 minutes read

Climate change has posed an unprecedented challenge for humanity, and it is increasingly critical to seek effective ways to adapt and mitigate its potentially devastating impacts. Beyond just governmental initiatives and regulations, startups worldwide are brilliantly stepping into this arena. This article takes a deep dive into the world of climate-crisis startups with a spotlight on 7Analytics, a pioneering firm making waves in the climate adaptation market. We will delve into their cutting-edge strategies, explore their unique climate risk management methods which go beyond the realms of traditional adaptive measures, and explore the future of 7Analytics through the lens of expansion challenges and opportunities. Come, join us on this riveting voyage as we highlight how Jonas Torland and his team at 7Analytics are setting the benchmark on navigating the climate crisis.

The Role of Mitigation and Adaptation Startups in Climate Crisis and Introduction to 7Analytics

As the severity and frequency of extreme weather events increase due to climate change, a surge in supporting mitigation and adaptation startups has become crucial. The mitigation startups aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions or increasing their removal from the atmosphere, moving towards a net-zero world. On the other hand, adaptation startups focus on adjusting and responding to the impacts of climate change already in motion. Above the two niches, there lies a major challenge: establishing a balance between both roles.

Taking one step into the adaptation startup niche is 7Analytics. Founded by Jonas Torland, 7Analytics is a Norwegian company that has specialized in creating AI-driven tools that help visualize flood risks and manage sustainable risks. Their major contribution, a data platform, serves to forecast water paths in instances of floods, thereby not only predicting potential devastation areas but also empowering communities towards resilience. They’ve launched innovative solutions such as the 'Risk Cube,' which utilizes Big Data and AI to provide a thorough risk and vulnerability analysis, promoting cross-actor cooperation.

Despite addressing vital issues, adaptation startups like 7Analytics face a challenge in raising support compared to mitigation counterparts. One reason for this can be attributed to the lack of immediate, tangible results in adaptation efforts, unlike mitigation's potentially quicker victories. However, understanding and accepting this niche's importance, despite its unique challenges, could spur advancements in climate change adaptation, pushing us towards a more resilient world. It's high time we look beyond the difficulties and invest in initiatives that assure us a secure future amidst escalating climate challenges. What steps are you taking towards this necessary shift?

7Analytics' Significance in the Climate Adaptation Market

Positioned at the forefront of the climate adaptation sector, 7Analytics goes the extra mile, beyond traditional climate mitigation. Its cutting-edge data platform, integrated with advanced analytics tools, paves the way for sustainable risk management. This remarkable technology presents a revolutionary system that predicts and visualizes impending flooding occurrences, an urgent demand exacerbated by the intensified severity of weather extremes. The firm's pivotal role in the climate adaptation market is bolstered by its dedication to equipping clients to anticipate and respond to unexpected floodings, a direct repercussion of climate change.

Embracing a forward-thinking perspective, 7Analytics is reshaping the climate adaptation landscape with its emphasis on proactive rather than reactive measures. Its state-of-the-art AI-powered flood models, intricately interpreted with geospatial data, deliver an essential resource for municipal and corporate preparedness alike. By harnessing predictive intelligence, 7Analytics empowers decision-making processes, facilitating a concentration on risk management strategies that correlate closely with tangible climate forecasts. This significantly mitigates the detrimental consequences of reactive coping mechanisms to environmental disasters.

Concrete resilience forms the backbone of 7Analytics, making it a force to be reckoned with in the climate adaptation sector. The firm seeks to forge impactful partnerships, with the goal of integrating its physical climate risk data into the business processes of large regional financial institutions. This collaboration aims to create a blueprint for resilience on a global scale. Moreover, 7Analytics doesn't stop at revolutionizing our responses to climate change, it also aids organizations in bettering their asset management amidst growing uncertainties. In solidifying its mark in precautionary climate change measures, 7Analytics is robustly building the pathway towards a resilient future, providing an invaluable framework for aspiring counterparts in the climate adaptation market.

The 7Analytics Advantage: Unique Methodologies for Climate Risk Management

Through its consistent commitment to innovation and resilience, 7Analytics has formulated unique methodologies for handling climate risks with a high level of efficiency. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, the platform employs sophisticated flood models to craft comprehensive projections for impending flood events. Utilizing Big Data and geographic information, the AI-powered tool offers 24/7 real-time flood risk monitoring, predicting potential flood events within a 72-hour timespan.

Leveraging their intellectual property, 'Risk Cube', the startup has made a significant impact in the realm of risk management by providing thorough risk and vulnerability analyses. The objective is to predict, understand and effectively mitigate climate risks, thereby steering communities and sectors towards sustainable paths. Capitalizing on its predictive capability, 'Risk Cube' has remarkably realized up to a 90% success rate in minimizing flood damages.

The distinctiveness of 7Analytics lies not just in its predictions but also in its problem-solving approach. It helps in charting safe flood routes and prevents potential hazards such as landslides. Moreover, the tool prevents contaminated water from reaching areas of high biodiversity. 7Analytics is indeed a testament that advanced technology and strategic practices can forge ways to alleviate climate risks and foster a sustainable and resilient future.

The Future of 7Analytics: Expansion, Challenges, and Opportunities

Setting its sights on global expansion, Norway's climate adaptation startup, 7Analytics, is strategically targeting the United States to extend its expertise in AI-driven and Big Data integrated flood risk management solutions. This venture entails a promising partnership with the First Street Foundation. As a renowned entity in climate change modeling, this collaboration seeks to elevate 7Analytics' predictive technologies by infusing them with more advanced climate change models—an initiative poised to transform risk management strategies for organizations with substantial physical assets.

However, considering the inherent nature of adaptation strategies that typically do not yield immediate, tangible results, barriers lie ahead. With investors often leaning towards mitigation startups that promise swift returns, adaptation ventures like 7Analytics commonly face underfunding. Recognizing this challenge, 7Analytics is gearing up to break this convention, showcasing the critical need for climate adaptation strategies through its pioneering solutions. The company's influence in the climate adaptation sector lies in its unique approach to managing physical climate risk, underscoring the necessity for businesses to address escalating climatic uncertainties proactively.

7Analytics eyes the escalating flood-related incidents in U.S cities as a burgeoning opportunity to deploy its advanced FloodCube technology. This artificial intelligence-powered technology utilizes local data to offer in-depth flood predictions, revolutionizing traditional risk management methods. Helge Jørgensen, the Co-founder and CEO of 7Analytics, sums up the firm’s ethos: harness nature's intricacies, decode them, and utilize this comprehension to navigate the increasingly volatile climate crisis. Validating their commitment to building resilience, 7Analytics looks forward to ensuring mitigation of climate risks and forging a more sustainable future.

Despite the firm's progress in carving a niche in the global climate resilience market, challenges remain. Understanding the nuances of local environmental factors, amassing precise data for accurate forecasts, and building strategic alliances from scratch remain some of the hurdles to their U.S expansion. Regardless of these challenges, 7Analytics remains steadfast in its mission—cultivating long-term, sustainable climate resilience strategies to help tame the unforgiving tide of climate change.


In this article, we explore the world of climate-crisis startups, focusing on 7Analytics and their innovative approach to climate adaptation. Led by Jonas Torland, 7Analytics has developed cutting-edge AI-driven tools and a data platform that helps visualize flood risks and manage sustainable risks. They are at the forefront of the climate adaptation market, offering proactive measures and unique methodologies for climate risk management. Despite facing challenges in raising support compared to mitigation startups, 7Analytics is dedicated to forging partnerships and revolutionizing responses to climate change. With their focus on global expansion and a commitment to building resilience, 7Analytics is leading the way in navigating the climate crisis.

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