Working with URLs

Anton Ioffe - November 24th 2021 - 1 minutes read

A URL represents a separate page.

URL consists of the following settings:

  • Name and description
  • Domain and path
  • Scripts
  • Root component

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 0.11.17

Name and description

Use for easy identification of the URL in the system.

Domain and path

Domain and path represent the final URL that your users will see in the browser when they will visit your page.

Pick a domain from the list of domains that you connected to Borstch. Write a unique path starting with /.

Even thought a domain can be reused in different projects, domain + path combination must be unique in the system across all the projects.


Scripts can be added to one of the page parts:

  • inside head tag
  • after opening body tag
  • before xlosinig body tag

Click "plus" button near the needed part and search for scripts that your added before. The same script can not be added to several parts.

Scripts will appear on the page in the same order as you set them in the URL.

Root component

Root component - is the component that will be rendered in the browser when user will open the URL.

Saving and publishing a URL

There are two main action buttons on the URL screen:

  • Update URL
  • Publish last version

Save URL just updates URL settings. Publish last version generates the code to render for users when they open the page.

If after the last update of the URL of of the dependencies was updated - components, functions, etc - you will see a status "Live version is outdated".

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