Why should you advertise on Google Ads

Anton Ioffe - September 17th 2020 - 4 minutes read

Maybe you haven't noticed yet, but more and more businesses are going online.

This means that there is a brutal competition for almost any business niche, and appearing on the first page of Google is becoming more and more difficult.

You can invest in SEO, but the time it takes to get results and the fact that they cannot guarantee exact results make it a complementary tool but not the most effective when you start your online business.

It is likely that now your business hardly receives any visits, almost nobody knows about it, and you are frustrated because you do not know what to do to make it known.

Don't worry, we've all had that same feeling when we started an online project, but there is a tool that can get you out of trouble, and that tool is Google Adwords.

Why should you advertise on Google Adwords?

In this article, I do not want to convince you to use Google Adwords, but I do want to give you the reasons why you should consider using Google Adwords for internet projects.

This way, you will be able to get a quick idea of why it’s the tool you need to start your project or consolidate it.

1.- It is immediate, much faster than all the SEO work you are doing.

I have already commented on this point in the introduction to the article.

Advertising on Google Adwords is immediate; you only have to create your account, configure it, and create your first campaign so that your ads start to be published.

There is no waiting.

No downtime.

Your website appears from this very moment on the first page of Google for all the keywords you have selected.

How long will it take for your website to appear in the first positions in Google if you are doing SEO?

Three months, six months, nine months, one year, several years or it may never appear. It all depends on the competition for that keyword and the effort and money you want to invest in SEO to rank a specific page.

If you only focus on SEO, after a few months, you may have to close your business because it is still not working.

With this, I am not saying that you should not invest in SEO or that you should leave it aside. Doing SEO and SEM is something that is complementary and that I recommend you to do, but think that the results of advertising in Google Adwords are immediate while those of SEO are not.

2.- You get measurable results and therefore, optimizable.

There is nothing you can do to improve your online business if you cannot measure it.

Your business needs to improve continuously, remember that you are in a market where there is a lot of competition and where the customer has to click to visit several stores that offer the same services and products.

Google Adwords linked to Google Analytics give you precious metrics to take into account to improve your website. You will be able to carry out A/B tests, to see if the visits coming from Adwords convert or not.

But not only that, which is perhaps more focused on Google Analytics statistics.

You will be able to measure which keywords bring you more sales, which ads bring you more conversions and therefore focus your strategy and investment on these keywords.

Human beings are like that, don't ask me why it happens, but an ad in which you change three words can bring you 50% more conversions than another one.

3. You can schedule your ads to appear when you like.

No, it's not magic.

It's ad scheduling, that's the right name.

If you have a business with Google Adwords, you can decide when you want to appear on the first page of results and when you're not merely interested.

If you have a real business, or where your primary source of contact is by phone, why do you want your ads to appear at times when you are not available?

Or simply, if you know that there are days when for some reason you don't sell anything, it's a mistake for your ads to keep appearing.

4.- Your competitor uses Adwords.

What a dumb reason, right?

Because others use it, you don't have to use it yourself.

Well, you're mistaken, if your competition is in Adwords and you are not, they already have an advantage that you are losing. So don't ask yourself why it works for them and why it doesn't work for you.

Think that if your competition is there, it's for a reason. If advertising on Google Adwords weren't an effective method that worked and had results, they wouldn't be there.

No entrepreneur or business person likes to throw his money away on something that has no return.

So keep that in mind. And if your competition is not yet on Google Adwords, you have an excellent opportunity to be there and see what results from it gives you.

5.- You select your potential client among millions of people.

By advertising on Google Adwords, you not only get visibility for your business.

Think that Google receives millions of queries every day, but not all the questions made will have your potential client.

Compare it to online media ads, for example. Imagine that you hire a campaign in an online newspaper.

All the readers of that newspaper will see our ads. But it's higher possible 90% of those users are not interested in your services or product.

With Google Adwords, the assumption is that your budget isn't that of a large company that can afford millions in investments, so it should allow you to reach your target customer more efficiently.

You can decide which keywords your ad will appear, in which locations you want it to look, etc.

You'll be able to hit the bulls-eye.


I hope these five reasons are enough for you to open your Google Adwords account from now on and start giving a boost to your business.

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