What you can do in Borstch?

Anton Ioffe - November 18th 2021 - 1 minutes read

Borstch is a platform for building websites - anything from simple landing pages to complex enterprise web applications.

Using our simple WYSIWYG UI editor you can create a landing page without writing a single line of code.

You can split your UI into small components - also without writing any code - to create a complex website based on reusable elements across different pages.

If you need to create something more than just static content, but interactive UI - you can leverage Borstch frontend framework features to write logic of any complexity.

You can create a multi-page website. Or even a multi-domain project with shared components and funcitonality.

Initial UI of a page is server-side rendered which is important for SEO.

At this moment page templates for server-side generation of many similar pages based on data is not supported, but this feature is a part of our roadmap.

But once the page is loaded, any web application logic can be executed. You can load any data with an ajax request and render any UI based on the data.

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