What value does Borstch bring to us?

Anton Ioffe - November 20th 2021 - 1 minutes read

We started Borstch because we found an issue in the process of the frontend development.

Usually, frontend application development process looks similar to this:

  1. Prototyping
  2. Designing using design tools like Adobe XD, Figma
  3. Static UI implementation of the design by frontend developers
  4. Making the UI dynamic by applying frontend logic
  5. Testing
  6. Release

The process of static UI creation is inefficient because it is repeated first by a designer (step 2) and then by a developer (step 3). Thus it takes more time than it should. And even if the process is set up perfectly, there is always a human factor that often leads to bugs.

Static UI on the web has the form of declarative code. According to our vision, it is not right that developers need to write this code just to make a static UI. A human should define the UI using the tools that are comfortable for him - a WYSIWYG editor. And it is a computer's job to translate it into the code.

In fact, this kind of tools exists on the market. What was missing and forced us to create Borstch - an integration of the tool with a framework that will enable enterprise grade application development using the UI generated by the tool.

Borstch is a platform that brings it all together: WYSIWYG editor that is deeply integrated with the system for writing logic of any complexity and making this UI interactive.

Borstch abstracts away static UI creation from the application logic while implicitely maintaining deep integration between the two and providing a handy and straightforwand way to link them and make UI interactive.

Borstch is a visual framework that follows modern best practices to write complex enterprise level code. It provides a certain way to create web applications like any other framework (React, Vue) while still leaving a lot of space for developers to follow their own preferences in code styling and structuring.

Borstch is also an IDE with a very handy approach to access all the related elements.

Borstch helps us reduce go-to-market time and costs, improve developer experience.

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