Top 10 essential marketing trends to consider in 2020

Anton Ioffe - September 11th 2020 - 5 minutes read

Top 10 essential marketing trends to consider in 2020

The technologies evolve with a skyrocketing speed. Consequently, everything relying upon them moves correspondingly, including digital marketing. The marketers try their best to keep up with times taking into account constant updates, new algorithms, and techniques that are always improving. Only those who know about continuing or emerging trends in 2020 can stay ahead of their business rivals. The list below includes essential directions you should consider to succeed.

#1. Use of dynamic content for highly-personalized experience

The exposure to thousands of advertisements daily changes the perception of users. Being bombarded with tons of proposals, people merely stop noticing them. However, there’s a solution. A personalized approach is a powerful means that can help to catch consumers’ attention. According to Forbes, 90% of users want more personalization, while 80% of users demonstrated their willingness to invest in a company with a highly-personalized attitude to consumers.

Previously, it was enough to change a client’s name in the email newsletter. Nowadays, companies need to apply a more substantial personified approach. Technological achievements, AI data collection techniques, and insights from social media enable hyper-personalization of everything beginning from content and recommendations of products to design.

When individual customers get personalized versions of the company’s newsletter, it includes links to different articles depending upon their preferences. At this, the system doesn’t only consider their requirements and interests, but their immediate needs at a particular period. The specialists call it dynamic content. It gives precise information making consumers buy the product. The trend explains why many prefer to use a headless CMS for content marketing today.

#2. AI use

Probably, not all people realized it yet, but AI technology has entered our life and affects the industry. Many simple jobs have been taken by it already. Let us look at AI uses in Microsoft and Uber. Their robots are patrolling the parking lots and outdoor areas to report suspicious activity for the prevention of crime. Any person can rent the one for the protection of property paying 7USD per hour only for the service.

AI is reshaping digital marketing. Conducting efficient data analysis, artificial intelligence predicts trends and even micro-trends, thus helping marketers to make better strategic decisions concerning the target audience and the allocation of budgets.

#3. Use of chatbots

Chatbots present an excellent example of AI in practice. Mastercard employs AI in a Facebook messenger that understands the customers’ requests using natural language processing software. The bot answers like a real person. Its work contributes to the automation of payments.

It’s easy to order pizza for delivery or carryout from Pizza Hut that utilizes chatbots for it. Chatting to Sephora chatbot, the consumer can get all types of makeup tutorials.

Websites, banks, and businesses use AI for basic communication, consultation, e-commerce transactions, and email personalization.

AI helps to create successful campaigns that target specific groups. The use of marketing personas increased the efficacy of the website 2-5 times. It helps to define the needs of the website users clearly.

#4. VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality have become massively popular in 2020. Though virtual reality is ahead at the moment, the experts say that soon it’ll change, and AR will take the lead. Using these technologies, customers can try a product before buying it. This opportunity helps to boost online sales.

#5. Voice search

This trend continues to evolve further. Though forecasts said about half of the searches performed by voice in 2020, it is still not so. At the time of writing, the amount has reached only 20% as Google says.

The technology of voice searches employs different mechanics, so it’s necessary to optimize your content for it to make your site more visible.

#6. Visualization

65% of people are visual learners. The fact that people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text says for itself. In 80% of cases, website visitors are more inclined to read the article when they see pictures and illustrations in it. Images make 19% of searches on Google, therefore, many influential companies invest in visual-search technology. However, the use of videos is the most efficient method to attract customers.

It’s not an option today. Marketers have to use this marketing tool to stay on board. No other means can beat the power of video. Just look at these figures:

  • 85% of customers are more likely to purchase the goods if they watch a video about the commodities described in it.
  • 72% of companies said that the use of videos on the site increased the conversion rate.

#7. Live videos

Live videos have become extremely popular. This trend continues to evolve, keeping the audience on Instagram Live and Facebook Live three times longer than pre-recorded content. According to predictions, the live video industry will be worth over 70 billion USD by 2021.

The total length of watching live videos increased four times, while the number of interactions they produced increased 6 times!

#8. Interactive content

The experts assure that 91% of internet users look for interactive content. They consider it an engaging activity that attracts attention and helps to cut through the noise of other ads. It refers to quizzes, assessments, interactive videos, contests, calculators, interactive infographics, games, and countdowns, creating a buzz for some event.

#9. Storytelling

What captures consumer’s attention more? Is it the list of product ingredients or the storytelling of how the company decided to bring the sweetness of blueberry to the families gathering around the table to enjoy a bowl of oatmeal with blueberry in it? These are two different ways to tell about the brand Kashi, but what story do you prefer? Most customers prefer the one that gives warmth to their hearts instead of a dull list of ingredients. How digital storytelling is incredibly popular, and Instagram Stories help to build the brand.

Our brains long for stories. Top brands use this to their advantage. CocaCola, LinkedIn, Etsy actively employ storytelling in their marketing content strategy.

#10. Transparency

Transparency is essential for modern customers. According to research, 94% of consumers are prone to stay with the brand producing transparent and easy to understand the content. It’s important to respond fast in case a consumer raises some concerns or asks questions. If you are an open book for your clients, they will evaluate it. You should accept constructive criticism adequately and answer in a friendly way.

The customers should see that your goal is not to sell the service or commodity. They should feel your desire to help them. The creation of a social media community is the best way to achieve a friendly environment when your loyal clients share their thoughts on how to improve the product.

Many marketers resort to these methods to stay afloat in the conditions of severe competition. But even if you are prosperous today and still stick to traditional marketing tricks, everything can change in a moment. These trends can give an edge on the market and can make you a leader in your industry.

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