Korean Investment Partners is the latest Korean VC firm to launch a Southeast Asia fund

Anton Ioffe - October 30th 2023 - 5 minutes read

In the ever-evolving landscape of venture capital, Korea Investment Partners (KIP) continues to make waves both domestically and internationally. As a powerhouse of the Korean VC industry, they're poised to disrupt the Southeast Asian startup scene with a brand-new fund. This article delves into the strategic prowess of KIP, exploring their investment strategies, noteworthy portfolio companies, and future directions. We also take a peek behind the scenes of KIP’s journey, revealing how their contribution steers the course of venture capital in Korea. Strap in for a riveting exploration of the bold and tenacious world of KIP.

The Korean Powerhouse: Korea Investment Partners

Founded in 1986, Korea Investment Partners (KIP) has grown phenomenally, emerging as a major player in venture capital and private equity in South Korea. KIP, a subsidiary of the publicly listed Korea Investment Holdings, is a financial conglomerate with multiple financial verticals spanning across securities, asset management, banking, credit finance, private equity, and real estate. With over 37 years of experience in the investment field, managing 58 funds with assets under management (AUM) of US$4 billion, KIP's well-established presence is noticeable. In 2021 alone, KIP deployed around US$ 500 million into promising startups, which accounts for approximately 10% of total investment capital deployed by all venture capitals in Korea.

This power-house has a diversified reach with offices spanning across China, Singapore, and the U.S. This global presence and the company's extensive experience in the investment sector have significantly contributed to KIP's growth, enabling them to successfully manage a vast number of funds. The company has successfully liquidated 18 funds since 2001 with an average multiple of 2.0x and an internal rate of return (IRR) of 16.7%, further attesting to the expertise and solid performance of the firm.

A vital cog within this behemoth of venture capital, Synclair Kim, the head of KIPSEA, has been instrumental in bolstering the company's esteemed standing within the industry. His sharp insight, strategic acumen, and vigorous leadership have been pivotal to the ongoing success of KIP in a market that’s constantly evolving. Kim's continuous commitment to the core values of the company and his pursuit of innovation within the company framework have played an invaluable role in sustaining KIP's prominence within the venture capital space, both in South Korea and globally.

Investment Strategies and Focus

Korea Investment Partners (KIP) deploys a strategic and focused approach in their investments, evident in their latest venture in Southeast Asia. The firm's general investment perspective primarily revolves around high-growth technology startups, particularly from seed to Series B stages. Through their newly initiated Southeast Asia fund, KIP intends to capitalize on the regions' rising digital economy whose appeal is accentuated by several favorable factors such as the skilled talent pool, increasing incomes, and a burgeoning technology ecosystem.

Further examination of the fund’s diversified focus sectors evinces a concentration on fintech, proptech, and enterprise software. These sectors are quickly gaining ground in Southeast Asia and are positioned as potential catalysts for the region’s digital economic growth. Additionally, a small fraction of the fund has been earmarked for South Korean companies aspiring for expansion into this vibrant region. This allocation underscores KIP’s commitment to domestic firms while allowing them to benefit from the rapidly evolving Southeast Asian markets.

KIP's strategy also explicitly outlines a cooperative endeavor between South Korean and Southeast Asian companies. This alliance seeks to generate value through a synergetic mix of cross-border expertise and an understanding of the local markets. One cannot overlook KIP’s expansive coverage of all the Southeast Asian markets, particularly the ASEAN-6 countries. Special attention is paid to Indonesia due to its considerable market potential, its lively startup ecosystem, and the abundance of talent, all of which is boosted by the country’s first-generation startup success stories. Thus, KIP's investments reflect a balanced blend of calculated risk and optimism, aligned with their prognosis of the promising opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Highlighting Notable Portfolio Companies

Among the impressive slew of companies within KIP's portfolio, Kakao, a South Korean tech company that provides mobile messaging and an array of online services, stands out. Leveraging the immense popularity of its flagship mobile messaging service, Kakao has expanded its portfolio to offer comprehensive digital convenience, from ride-hailing and mobile banking to entertainment services. Navigating the fast-paced digital landscape, Kakao has consistently achieved notable growth.

Another eye-catching portfolio company hails from the entertainment industry - YG Entertainment. The colossal home of globally recognized Korean Pop acts such as BIGBANG and BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment exemplifies the potent mix of creative artistry and astute business strategy. In addition to music production and artist management, YG Entertainment traverses the realms of event management, merchandise production, and talent development, playing a critical role in the global resonance of K-Pop culture.

Reflecting KIP's global ambitions are such investments as Halodoc and Tiki.vn, digital powerhouses in Indonesia and Vietnam, respectively. Halodoc, a digital healthcare platform, streamlines healthcare access by integrating various services into one app, from doctor consultations to medicine delivery and referrals to testing laboratories. Conversely, Tiki.vn, the leading Vietnamese e-commerce platform, unique “TikiNOW” service, guarantees two-hour delivery in major city centers, cementing its stance as a front-runner in the e-commerce sector. Companies like Kakao, YG Entertainment, Halodoc, and Tiki.vn underline KIP's discerning investment eye, favoring firms with unique business propositions and potential for substantial growth.

Future Directions: KIP and Venture Capital in Korea

Looking ahead, Korea Investment Partners (KIP) seems committed to building a solid and globally recognized presence in the realm of venture capital. After investing a substantial US$500 million into startups globally and locally in 2021, KIP is paving a new avenue for South Korean startups to reach the global market and participate in the thriving Southeast Asian digital economy. This ambitious move by KIP can possibly reshape the venture capital landscape in South Korea, catalyzing a paradigm shift from a domestic to an international focus.

As encompassed in KIP’s strategy, Southeast Asia’s rising digital economy presents vast opportunities; including a growing talent pool, rising incomes, and an evolving technology ecosystem. KIP’s endeavor to connect Korean and Southeast Asian venture ecosystems could facilitate a mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources. In particular, South Korea’s strong technological capabilities and Southeast Asia’s expanding digital markets hold a massive potential for a synergistic partnership.

In terms of the unfolding venture capital landscape in South Korea, the initiation of this strategic move by KIP could be instrumental in attracting foreign capital, promoting overseas IPOs for Korean startups, and cultivating a more globally integrated venture ecosystem. South Korean companies’ participation in Southeast Asian markets might spur increased interest from global investors, thereby propelling the evolution of venture capital practices in the country. On a macro level, KIP’s strategic shift could foster a more global mindset among Korean startups and encourage a broader range of investors to tap into the multifarious opportunities that the Korean startup ecosystem has to offer.


Korea Investment Partners (KIP), a major player in venture capital in South Korea, has launched a Southeast Asia fund to tap into the region's rising digital economy. With a strategic focus on high-growth technology startups, particularly in fintech, proptech, and enterprise software, KIP aims to leverage the potential of Southeast Asia's skilled talent pool, increasing incomes, and thriving technology ecosystem. Through its investments in notable portfolio companies such as Kakao and YG Entertainment, KIP demonstrates its discerning eye for firms with unique business propositions and growth potential. This move by KIP could reshape the venture capital landscape in South Korea, attracting foreign capital, promoting overseas IPOs for Korean startups, and fostering a more global mindset among Korean startups.

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