Instagram head says Threads API is in the works

Anton Ioffe - October 29th 2023 - 5 minutes read

In an ever-evolving digital landscape fuelled by innovation, Instagram is set to make strides with the development of Threads API. In this breakthrough article, we unravel the fabric of this forthcoming feature, examining Instagram's strategic vision behind it, and Meta's sustained commitment to revolutionizing social media. We will also uncover how this innovative technology could potentially reshape user experiences, unlock novel opportunities for news amplification, and introduce exciting capabilities for the future of online interaction. Get ready to delve into the details and discover how the Threads API might fundamentally change the way we use Instagram.

Instagram's Development of Threads API and Strategic Vision

In line with their strategic vision, Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri confirmed that the social media giant is in the process of developing a Threads application programming interface (API). This move is aimed at empowering developers to harness the functionality of Threads to build diversified and innovative applications. The API, currently under development, holds potential to spark a considerable shift in the app's dynamics, primarily by accommodating a surge in publisher content. However, Mosseri conveyed some concerns regarding the likelihood of this shift diluting the prevalence of creator content, an aspect that's arguably at the heart of Instagram's user engagement.

Launched by Meta, Instagram’s parent company, Threads initially started as a potential competitor to Twitter but has since evolved into a distinctive social media platform. With Threads, Instagram has extended its signature photo and video sharing experience into the sphere of text communications. The app facilitates real-time updates and public conversations, offering a unique stand-alone space for billions of people to connect and interact. This new addition to Instagram's offerings represents a clear push towards compatibility with open, interoperable social networks that are viewed as the potential future of the internet.

Threads, in its relatively short lifespan, has already garnered substantial growth and user engagement. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and Founder of Meta, expressed satisfaction over Threads' growth trajectory, boasting of almost 100 million monthly users within three months of launch. Drawing on this momentum, the development of Threads API is expected to bolster the app's versatility and reach. Remarkably, the CEO hinted at a future where Threads could potentially evolve into a billion-person public conversation application, reinforcing their commitment to transforming Threads into a unique and powerful tool on the social media landscape.

The Potential Impact of Threads API: User Perspectives

With the potential introduction of a Threads API, users may anticipate a significant upgrade to their Instagram experience. The new feature promises to unlock a bevy of creative possibilities, bringing an element of interactivity and novelty to the platform. Envision the ability to engage with humorous joke bots, develop intriguing personas or even receive concise thread summaries that make discussions more easily digestible.

This new Threads API isn't solely focused on entertainment; it's about conveying critical, timely information. Consider the convenience of receiving immediate alerts about transit disruptions from automated government agency posts, or getting crucial alerts such as earthquake notices in real-time. This transformative API could enhance Instagram, morphing it from a mere social network into a crucial nexus for real-time information, adding immense value to the user experience.

Taking into account potential concerns, some users have suggested that the introduction of the API may escalate the volume of publisher content, thereby overshadowing unique creations by individual users. The ideal approach here might be to deploy guidelines or algorithms to maintain a harmonious balance. The objective would be to keep the platform enticing and responsive, thus encouraging user creativity, without being saturated with publisher-driven content. The aim is to ensure that neither the social network spirit of Instagram nor the creative expression of its users is compromised, but instead seamlessly integrated.

The Innovative Features and Value Proposition of Threads API

The Threads Application Programming Interface (API) ushers in an era of innovative features, providing a platform for developers to create a variety of applications with unparalleled flexibility. The API provides new and inventive ways for developers to create engaging features and functionalities. These fun and interactive features signify the creative aspect of using the platform. Additionally, Threads API can be used for a broad range of practical and entertainment applications, making the service not only enjoyable but also extremely practical.

In addition, Threads API envisions a highly interoperable future, setting itself apart in the rapidly evolving social media landscape. With Threads API, there is anticipation for soon having this new feature be widely accessible and compatible with open social networking standards. This allows each compatible application to set its own community standards and content moderation policies, emphasizing user preference and providing freedom of choice.

Lastly, Threads API promises an enhanced user engagement with content on the platform. The functionality of Threads API facilitates the discovery of new threads and creators, enhancing the overall user experience. With real-time updates, users can now follow topics and trends, inherently making the platform even more engaging and user-centric. Overall, the value proposition of Thread API is its promise of an immersive, flexible, and user-controlled experience, boosting both the developer's creativity and the user's interaction within the digital space.

Threads API and its Implications for News Amplification

The advent of the Threads API has the potential to drive a transformative impact on the platform's news amplification. It's worth noting that Adam Mosseri, Instagram's head, expressed concerns over this development potentially leading to an influx of publisher content at the expense of creator content. Within this context, it's crucial to ask a pivotal question: What could be the potential repercussions if news content becomes a central aspect of Threads?

Despite Mosseri's assurance that Threads is not poised to amplify news on the platform, it's conceivable that the API would provide developers with the tools needed to curate and deliver more targeted news content. This could manifest in a variety of ways, such as enabling the creation of unique bots that aggregate news based on user interests or the provision of real-time updates on important global events. However, an overemphasis on publisher content may risk overburdening the users with an overwhelming amount of news content, thereby compromising the platform's inherent creativity and spontaneity.

Lastly, the Threads API's implications extend to the potential reshaping of user interactions. As illustrated by a user's response to Mosseri, API can open doors to more interactive features, like joke bots or thread summaries, akin to Twitter. Notwithstanding, if news content becomes more prevalent on Threads, it could potentially change the interaction dynamics, fostering discourses around current events instead of personal posts, memes, and other forms of creative content. This shift may not be universally embraced and could contribute to a potential dilution of user-generated content. In conclusion, while the Threads API holds the promise of expanding Instagram's functionality, careful consideration is essential to ensure a balanced ecosystem that caters to both creators and consumers of content.


Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, has confirmed that the development of the Threads API is underway, signaling a significant shift in the platform's dynamics. The API aims to empower developers to build innovative applications using Threads, potentially reshaping user experiences and allowing for news amplification. While this development opens up exciting possibilities, there are concerns about the potential dilution of creator content and the influx of publisher-driven content. It is crucial to strike a balance that maintains the platform's creativity while integrating new features.

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