React, Vue, Angular. Meet Borstch!

Anton Ioffe - November 1st 2021 - 1 minutes read

Today there is a big list of libraries and frameworks for frontend development to choose from.

React, Vue, Angular and many others. How Borstch relates to them and where it stands?

Borstch can be treated as a new framework with its own ecosystem of tools. Borstch at this moment uses react under the hood, but it is not something that developers should rely on during development in Borstch. In future internal implementation can change.

I some cases it makes sense to use existing libraries/features implemented using other frameworks. It is technically possible to run for example a react application within a vue application. The same with Borstch - you can run a react or a vue application inside Borstch if you want to reuse existing components implemented in those libraries. This is not something that should be a common practice. But it can be a good solution in some cases.

Borstch shares many of the core principles of react and vue - modular system of components, data reactivity.

One of the core differences is that react and vue are code-based frameworks. They themselves do not any UI representation.

Borstch on the contrary because of its nature is a visual framework. It is a framework and a IDE in one platform.

The main goal of all of them is to create web applications.

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