How to optimize UI design to attract more customers to your website

Anton Ioffe - September 11th 2020 - 5 minutes read

How to optimize UI design to attract more customers to your website

If you own an online store or a company, you should pay attention to the current design, especially when the volume of sales is insufficient. A website should be efficient and attract customers. Only in this case, your business will stand up to the competition.

The importance of a quality web design for the website - why is it crucial?

A company needs a great web design to leave its business rivals behind. You can make the one if you focus on good user experience. So what exactly do we need to create it?

According to statistics, 95% of users distrust online sites with poor design. The design should be impressive, and you don't have much time to impress your customer. You should complete the mission within 3 - 5 seconds. Otherwise, your visitor will leave forever.

It's just hard to imagine that your business conversion depends upon a remarkable homepage design. But it plays a pivotal role. A digital marketing strategy depends upon it. A good website acts as a sales agent working round the clock. It makes people come to the site if it has the right layout, space aesthetics, color scheme, and font. There should also be a call to auction there that contributes to positive ROI.

Follow the tactics described below for optimization of user experience:

  1. Simplify the design.

It should not be too sophisticated and complicated to sell well. Some people emphasize the importance of beautiful graphics and engaging content. But what is the use of these features if visitors can’t find the needed data? 76% of customers agreed that the ability to find information is the most important thing.

  1. Remove the navigation problems.

This point continues the previous one. The optimized user interface provides easy access and great value to customers without them even noticing it. Some experts jokingly compare it with a ninja. It should also be invisible when it performs its best.

  1. Select the right colors for the interface.

People perceive different colors differently. You need to use the palette that sets the emotional tone for the entire experience of your clients. Much depends upon what you want to convey. Color psychologists assure that we associate purple with intelligence and sophistication, while the orange and pink text gives confidence and energy. Gender preferences also matter. If women prefer purple, men would prefer to see black. Blue and green are ideal for all, so it's better to use them when the target audience isn’t gender-oriented. Find perfect coloring for your calls to auction and the whole design. Do research, and then test the results to come up with better findings to optimize your user interface.

  1. Make the design uncluttered.

The website should have a clear design with a good structure and quality layout. Allowing white spaces on the site, you make customers feel the openness and ease of use. Vacant space contributes to a more appealing look while the content becomes more readable. It looks like a breathing room that invites consumers to explore the platform further. It’s also impossible to skip valuable information when you scroll the page. The studies say that this element helps to increase conversion by 20%.

  1. Right analytics tools can determine the problem.

Use the UX analytics tools available today to make the navigation seamless. Heatmaps present an excellent solution for understanding how customers interact with your website. You can see what areas receive more clicks and which are left unnoticed. The analysis of a heat map will prompt how to enhance the design and raise the efficiency of your CTAs. There are programming instruments that track the scrolling behavior to determine how many users reached the bottom of the page to make an order. When the number is insufficient, it affects conversion negatively. There is also special software telling the developers where the users drop off. For instance, this is a common situation for the online store when 50% of customers or even more leave the site when it offers to add an item to the cart.

  1. Make the website mobile-friendly.

The site should look great on different screens. A cross-browser platform needs to be convenient for mobile users to increase the customer base. Therefore, website owners create a responsive design that suits different resolutions, thus providing a smooth e-commerce performance on smartphones and tablets based on different operating systems.  Here is the list of the reasons why you should not neglect this step:

  • Google prefers mobile-compatible sites.
  • It helps to build credibility with your clients and contributes to your reputation. More than half of the customers say that they won’t recommend the site with a poor mobile design.
  • Such resources are more competitive. More 52% of overall web traffic comes through handheld devices nowadays. If you neglect such optimization, you can lose up to 50% of your potential customers.
  1. Personalize web design.

Personalization is a great way to make people feel that you create the content personally for them. Unique web experience increases the probability of their return to the site. For instance, such companies as Spotify and Netflix always pay attention to past views and purchases, before offering content or recommendations. The study revealed that 77% of consumers are ready to pay more for the service when it’s more prioritized. The introduction of customization helps people feel like members of the community, and this contributes to their loyalty. It also raises conversion.

  1. Build trust and elicit emotions to make people act.

There are several ways to elicit emotions in users making them decide upon the purchase:

  • Add video.

It works great for the landing pages raising conversion immediately! The experts say about 80% of conversion growth after the addition of a video to the site.

  • Develop interactive content.

The user experience improves when visitors want to interact with a web interface. It refers to the games, calculators, quizzes, and video instructions. However, do not forget about its simplicity. It should be engaging but clear after a glance.

  • Place reviews on the site.

Customers always look for social proof before they decide what to do. It turns out that even first-time visitors can make an order after looking at the behavior of other consumers. The poll revealed that 79% of online users trust the reviews posted on the website.

As you see, the marketing specialists have calculated how different measures increase the conversion rate on your site in each particular case. When implemented wisely, it can boost the traffic of your website considerably. Can you imagine a degree of this growth if you apply all these tips together? Keep these recommendations in mind, see what areas require improvement, and put them into practice to get a great result.

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