How do you benefit from Borstch

Anton Ioffe - November 17th 2021 - 1 minutes read

How enterprise benefit from Borstch

By using Borstch in the development of websites and web applications enterprise reduces production costs and go-to market time by eliminating and optimizing certain parts of the development process.

How developers benefit from Borstch

Borstch abstracts away static UI development from development of the logic, so that right specialists work in their direct area of responsibility. Developers - on the logic, designers - on the UI design that is automatically converted into the code representation by the tool.

As an IDE Borstch provides a very handy way to access all of the related elements without any need to arcitect the modules and their structure in the "src" folder and then to navigate through the file-system. This helps Borstch to increase developer experience.

How designers benefit from Borstch

Usually the result of the work of a designer is a document that represents design and its UI specifications. It is an early stage of the whole product development. Further this design has to be implemented by a frontend developer.

Borstch lets designers to create a working UI using same or similar techniques that they used before in Adobe XD or Figma.

This reduces production costs for the business and helps designer to provide higher value to the organization.

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