Anton Ioffe - September 17th 2020 - 4 minutes read

The online space is a beehive of activity - lots of buying and selling going on there thanks to the internet.

Most businesses are online, and one way they communicate with their prospective customers is through content. Why should a customer prefer your product over your competitor's? The quality of your content distinguishes your competitors.

Businesses know the importance of content, which is why they hire professional content writers to manage their communication channels. This article aims at explaining the kinds of content for e-commerce websites.

What does quality content mean for your e-commerce site?

  • It creates a positive brand image of your brand.
  • Quality content attracts more customers.
  • It builds a more intense relationship between customers and businesses.
  • Educate customers and guide them towards making the best decisions

Now that you know the importance of quality content let's get to the different kinds of content for e-commerce and how they can boost your marketing in e-commerce.

1) User-generated content

This type of content is extracted from product reviews, questions, and all kinds of feedback from product users.

These days, before customers make purchases, they first search the internet for reviews. I tell you what? Whether or not a product would make huge sales is dependent on the reviews prospective customers see online.

Contents can be generated from customer complaints and used to educate others who would buy the product in the future. Most of the time, bad reviews are offshoots of misuse of a product.

It could be that the consumer did not use the product as recommended by the manufacturer, which was why it malfunctioned.  Contents bordering on how to use various products are necessary in cases where the product is technical and somewhat difficult to use.

Customers have a thousand and one questions begging for answers, and you have to answer them. There can never be too many answers to questions, so contents centered on solving customer's puzzles should take center stage of your content creation strategy.

The best way to know the mind of your customers is to place yourself in their shoes. By this, I mean creating a mental picture of your target customer and the questions they would likely have about a product. Answer those questions either through a blog post or a how-to video.

2) Blog posts

Blogs are one of the most cost-effective ways to get your target audience to know more about your product.  Blog posts are detailed information aimed at educating prospective customers about a particular product or explaining the features of a new product.

They should be relatable, entertaining, and written for your target audience. It should be organized so that customers from all social statuses can understand the bits of information shared on the blog.

The blog can be hosted on your e-commerce site for the benefit of SEO. Many businesses encourage their customers to subscribe to their blog where they get weekly or monthly updates. These updates are necessary given that new information comes up every day, and buyers need to be updated.

3) Videos

For customers who find reading blog posts boring, videos are a viable option.

Video content offers your prospective customers with rich content within a short period. The KISS (keep it short and simple) rule applies to create video content.

The longer the content, the less likely that it would be watched till the end. Statistically, videos account for about 70% of online traffic, and so, it is a crucial marketing tool for your e-commerce site.

When it comes to video content, there are three types: compelling videos, product videos, and how-to-videos.

Compelling videos appeal to the emotions of prospective buyers and compels them to buy your product. When you have stirred the emotions of prospects, it would be easier to purchase your product.

Product videos showcase your product and tell your customers all they need to know about it. They avail you the opportunity to sell the unique features of your product.

Over 70% of searches on google are how-to searches because humans are constantly searching for a solution to their numerous problems. With how-to videos for your e-commerce site, you can proffer viable solutions to customers' problems and show them how to use your product. You can share practical tips and hacks in related fields such that you are regarded as an authority.

Remember to keep your videos engaging, catchy, and brief because that is the only way to keep your subscribers glued to your channel.

4) Interactive content

Businesses communicate with their audience through content. Communication without feedback is as good as no communication.

Creating interactive content helps e-commerce operators weigh their customer's perceptions of their products. Social media is one way to interact with buyers and weigh their opinions about your products. Catchy questions aimed at getting public opinions can be asked on social media pages.

5) Photography-driven content

When it comes to content, virtually everything goes.

A picture is indeed worth more than a thousand words. If you sell a unique style of denim jeans, you probably do not need lengthy blog posts to show your target audience how beautiful they are.

They want you to show them and not tell them. For items of fashion like denim, pictures are best to convey your message. The photos should, however, be taken professionally with the message visually spelled out. Images make your content visually attractive and motivate customers to take action.

6) Giveaways

I know you're wondering how giveaways are a kind of content. But yes, they are an alternative way of creating content.

People love free stuff and would jump on any legitimate offer they see.

Giveaways attract more followers to your site, meaning you have a larger audience to read or watch fresh content. Giveaways are content in themselves, but they are an avenue to create a broader market for your content and, in turn, increase sales.

Initiate a contest and attach a prize to whoever wins the competition. Giveaways are a great way to get your site before the right audience, and it should be done as often as you can.


Understand that content works better when it is presented before the right audience. Try out different channels of content promotion and let out fresh and engaging content. Seek creative ways to engage with buyers through your content and do not give up when results are delayed.

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