Borstch building blocks

Anton Ioffe - November 2nd 2021 - 2 minutes read

Borstch is built of the following core elements

  1. Users
  2. Projects
  3. Domains
  4. URLs
  5. Scripts
  6. Components
  7. Functions


When you sign up - a new user user created.


A user can have several projects. At this moment projects can't be shared between users. This will be improved soon.


A domain (or many domains) can be attached to a project so that your site or web application will be available to your users on your custom domain.

A domain can be attached to several projects even across different users. This is like this on purpose so that we do not limit you, in case need that for any reason. Do not worry about security we are very concerned about it. A domain can not be used within a project without verification.

URL paths within a domain must be always unique across the system.


URL is a combination of a domain, URL path, and a component with additional settings. This entity defines a website page that will be available for your users.


A script is in a way similar to google tag manager tag. This is a piece of HTML code that can be attached to a page in one of the places:

  • head
  • after opening body tag
  • before closing body tag

Scripts can be reused across different pages.

Scripts are a good place for:

  • meta tags
  • tracking scripts
  • preloading external dependencies
  • etc


Components are the main building blocks of the platform. A component is a UI - visual part of a page. Components can be used inside other components. A component can be static and simple or it can have logic and data inside affecting the way it looks and behaves. Logic inside of components is implemented using methods. A method - is a function that lives in the context of a component instance.


A function compared to a method - does not live within a component. It is independent of a component and is shared across the project. But it can be used from a method. Or from an other function. Or from itself for a recursion logic.

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