5 Online Tools to Accelerate the Growth of your Business

Anton Ioffe - September 4th 2020 - 4 minutes read

Your business requires growth, and you need to achieve it through any legitimate means possible. The business world is a competitive one, and as much as you want to survive, a thousand and one businesses want the same.

When you understand the secret of growth, you're several steps ahead of achieving success. Just as infants grow to become teenagers, adolescents, and adults, a business is expected to move from one phase of development to another. It is an anomaly to have a business remain at a spot for many years.

Successful businesses evolve yearly by taking advantage of the digital tools available to them. Some online tools have proven abilities to catapult a business from one stage to another. If you must grow your business, then get ready to use these tools.

These are some online tools to accelerate your business growth:

1.  Acquire

Excellent customer relations are crucial to the success of any business. Technology has expanded the clientele base of many companies such that more hands are needed to attend to customers. Acquire is a multi-channel online helpdesk. It engages customers in real-time and provides 24 hours of attention to people who need them. This tool helps offline customer relations experts and eases the workload on them.

The self-training bot answers customer's questions and resolves all queries on time. The bot collates customer's interactions and gives you knowledge of their needs. When you know their exact needs, it is easy to bring the right products to them instead of spending so much on marketing. This app streamlines your marketing strategy by delivering the right product to the right people.

Customers need attention, and when they don't get it, they lose faith in your brand. As your business grows and the customer base expands, it is an opportunity to prove your competence. The speed, skill, and expertise are some of the reasons your business needs this tool.

2.  G-Suite

You would find several innovative tools in this Google suite. The tools are flexible and are essential to the growth of any modern business. Packages bothering on cloud storage, management, communication, and control are available for use.

You can easily create a document, slide, or spreadsheet on any device. Your teammates outside the company can work on the same document and ask questions in the comment section. As members of staff work on a document, they can store it in Google drive. Saving your text on Google drive ensures that everyone has access to the latest version.

G-suite allows you to create professional emails that amplify your business identity. There are no restrictions on this tool.

This suite also has a 2-step verification with endpoint management to keep your data safe in the case of a missing device. Your on-the-record chats are archived temporarily, and the 24/7 Google support is available to answer your numerous questions. If your business does not have a Gmail account, there is no better time to have it.

3.  ProofHub

Contemporary businesses have various projects that run concurrently. The ability to manage every project efficiently says a lot about the success of a business. Project management is the application of skill, knowledge, and expertise to meet project requirements.

ProofHub is a web-based collaboration and project management tool that helps team members organize projects and deliver on time. This tool is ideal for large enterprises, non-governmental organizations, universities, and all businesses that deal with massive projects.

Having to hire hundreds of project managers seems like an ideal thing to do until you calculate the cost. ProofHub helps with the initial planning, implementation, and invoicing of all projects.

This software creates a centralized working environment for clients and team members while giving you better control of your projects.

4.  Hootsuite

Social media is now a superpower, and excellent social media management is vital to your online business success. There's a tool that allows you to publish content to the right audience, track effectiveness, and monitor performance simultaneously.

Taking your business to social media is not negotiable – except you don't want it to grow. Since it is compulsory to have a social media presence, a management strategy is inevitable. It is not the entrepreneur's job to handle the online space themselves; tasks like this need to be allocated to capable hands. In this case, Hootsuite does it best.

Hootsuite is one of the most social media management tools that allow you to monitor your accounts in one dashboard. The auto-scheduling enables you to plan your social media posts while allocating time to other vital activities. You can also identify the content that is the well and the one that isn't.

From delivering quality customer care to building your brand, you can keep the conversation flowing across all channels right from one spot.

5.  Google Analytics

Google analytics performs a myriad of functions for your website. It analyses your traffic and compares results with previous results. This tool helps you create valuable content for your website, which eventually rubs off on your business.

Google Analytics helps you create specific marketing campaigns tailored to the geographical location of visitors. You would also be able to determine if there is a chance of growth in certain areas.

SEO is vital for gaining leads and driving sales, and this tool helps you know where you stand. It offers the right information that moves you from the bottom of the search engine to the top.

Your business does not exist in a vacuum. Some competitors are doing all they can to gain control of the market. This tool gives you insight into your competitor's traffic. You can see how many visitors they have and compare them with yours. If they are doing better than you, it is a sign that you are not getting things right.

With GA, you can check out what they are doing differently and adopt successful ones into your marketing strategy.

Growing a business used to be an arduous task until technology came. They are easy to use and require no form of expertise. There's no excuse not to use them because your competitors use them too. Online tools eliminate human errors and are suitable for all kinds of businesses. Most of them are free, but even if they aren't, they're affordable.

Which online tool do you use? How has it helped you grow your business?

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