Using ES6 Destructuring in Redux Reducers

Demonstrate how to simplify the reducer's code by utilizing ES6 destructuring to extract data from action payloads.
const initialState = {
    user: null,
    posts: [],

function userReducer(state = initialState, action) {
    // Destructure type and payload from action
    const { type, payload } = action;

    switch (type) {
        case 'SET_USER':
            // Destructure user data from payload for SET_USER action
            const { user } = payload;
            return {

        case 'ADD_POST':
            // Destructure post data from payload for ADD_POST action
            const { post } = payload;
            return {
                posts: [...state.posts, post],

        // Other action cases
            return state;
This code sets up a Redux reducer for a fictitious application state consisting of a user object and an array of posts. The reducer uses ES6 destructuring to simplify extracting the 'type' and 'payload' properties from the action parameter. For specific actions like 'SET_USER' and 'ADD_POST', it further destructures to get 'user' and 'post' data respectively from the 'payload'. This approach keeps the reducer functions clean and readable.