Using Angular Elements in a Vue.js Application

Demonstrate how to include an Angular Element inside a Vue.js component, handle the data binding and event communication between Vue and the Angular Element.
// In your Vue component, register the Angular element as if it were a Vue component
Vue.component('angular-element', {
  props: ['myprop'],
  mounted() {
    this.$el.addEventListener('myEvent', this.handleEvent);
  beforeDestroy() {
    this.$el.removeEventListener('myEvent', this.handleEvent);
  methods: {
    handleEvent(event) {
      // Handle event coming from Angular component
  render(createElement) {
    return createElement(
        attrs: {
          'my-prop': this.myprop
This Vue component wrapper allows you to include an Angular Element (custom element) in your Vue.js application. It handles prop binding and event communication.
// In your main Vue file, where you create the Vue instance

/* global angularElementModule */ // Assuming this is your Angular Element module

// Import necessary operations from Angular library
import { platformBrowserDynamic } from '@angular/platform-browser-dynamic';
import { createCustomElement } from '@angular/elements';

// Define the Angular element
const AngularElementComponent = createCustomElement(YourAngularComponent, { injector: this.injector });
// Register the custom element
window.customElements.define('angular-element-tag', AngularElementComponent);

// Once registered, you can use the new element in your HTML like any other Vue component
Here you import and define the Angular Element, and register it as a custom element so it can be used within the Vue application like any other HTML element.
    <!-- Use the Angular element in your Vue template -->
    <angular-element :myprop="dataFromVue" @myEvent="handleEventFromAngular"></angular-element>

export default {
  data() {
    return {
      dataFromVue: 'some data'
  methods: {
    handleEventFromAngular(event) {
      // Handle the event fired by the Angular Element
This is a Vue component template using the Angular Element with data binding and event handling. Vue binds its data to the Angular Element's property, and listens for events emitted by the Angular Element.