Updating State with Actions in TanStack Store

Provide an example of how to define and dispatch actions to update the state within the TanStack Store, using a simple counter app scenario.
import { createStore, action } from 'easy-peasy';
Import createStore and action from easy-peasy to create the store and define actions.
const storeModel = {
  count: 0, // Initial state of the count
  increment: action((state) => {
    state.count += 1;
  }), // Action to increment the count
  decrement: action((state) => {
    state.count -= 1;
  }) // Action to decrement the count
Define the store model with initial state and actions for incrementing and decrementing the count.
const store = createStore(storeModel);
Create the store using the model defined above.
Dispatch the increment action to update the state by increasing the count.
Dispatch the decrement action to update the state by decreasing the count.