Updating Angular Projects with CLI

Demonstrate the process of updating an Angular project to the latest version using Angular CLI's update command.
// Step 1: Update the global Angular CLI to the latest version
npm install -g @angular/cli
Installs the latest version of Angular CLI globally. This makes sure you use the most recent CLI version to perform the update.
// Step 2: Navigate to your Angular project directory
// cd path/to/your-project
Changes the current directory to your Angular project's directory.
// Step 3: Run the Angular update command
ng update
Executes the update command which checks for updates and provides recommendations. If updates are available, it will prompt for further actions.
// Step 4 (optional): Update the core Angular framework and Angular CLI
ng update @angular/core @angular/cli
Updates the core Angular packages and the CLI to their latest versions.
// Step 5 (optional): Update all packages in your project
ng update --all --force
Updates all the dependencies in the project to their latest versions, including those that may not be related to Angular.