State normalization with createEntityAdapter

Use the createEntityAdapter to normalize server response data for efficient state updates and retrievals.
import { createEntityAdapter, createSlice } from '@reduxjs/toolkit';

// Define an entity adapter for the 'user' entity
const usersAdapter = createEntityAdapter();

// Define an initial state using the adapter's getInitialState method
const initialState = usersAdapter.getInitialState();

// Create a slice that represents the 'users' state
const usersSlice = createSlice({
  name: 'users',
  reducers: {
    // Use the adapter's generated reducer functions for adding and updating
    usersReceived(state, action) {
      usersAdapter.setAll(state, action.payload);
    userAdded: usersAdapter.addOne,
    userUpdated: usersAdapter.updateOne,

// Export the reducer and the generated selectors
export const { usersReceived, userAdded, userUpdated } = usersSlice.actions;
export default usersSlice.reducer;
export const {
  selectAll: selectAllUsers,
  selectById: selectUserById,
  selectIds: selectUserIds,
} = usersAdapter.getSelectors(state => state.users);
This JavaScript code defines a 'users' entity using the `createEntityAdapter` from Redux Toolkit. We define a `usersAdapter` with default configuration, an `initialState` generated by `getInitialState`, and a `usersSlice` which contains the reducer logic. `usersSlice` actions are exported for usage in the application, as well as selectors generated by `usersAdapter.getSelectors` for selecting data from the state.
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