Source Map Revision with Source Map Explorer

Use the source-map-explorer tool to analyze and visualize JavaScript bundle content, ensuring that the source maps correspond correctly to the bundled code.
// Step 1: Install the source-map-explorer package using npm
npm install --save-dev source-map-explorer
This command installs source-map-explorer as a dev dependency in your project.
// Step 2: Add a new script to your package.json file for analyzing your JavaScript bundle
"scripts": {
  "analyze": "source-map-explorer 'path/to/your/bundle.js'"
This line adds a new npm script called 'analyze' in your package.json, which runs source-map-explorer on your specified JavaScript bundle.
// Step 3: Build your bundle and ensure source maps are generated
// Example script to run your build with source maps
"scripts": {
  "build": "webpack --mode production --devtool source-map"
This line adds a script to build your project with source maps using webpack. Make sure that source maps are enabled in your build tool configuration.
// Step 4: Run the analyze script using npm to visualize your source map
npm run analyze
This command runs the analyze script defined in your package.json, which launches source-map-explorer to review your JavaScript bundle and associated source map.