Setting Up Angular Monorepo with Nrwl Nx

A step-by-step guide on initializing and configuring a new Angular monorepo project using Nrwl Nx, including setting up apps and libs.
npx create-nx-workspace@latest myorg --preset=angular
This command creates a new workspace for your organization named 'myorg' with a preset configuration for Angular. 'npx' makes sure you are using the latest version of the Nx workspace generator.
cd myorg
ng g @nrwl/angular:app myapp
Navigates into the newly created workspace directory and generates a new Angular application named 'myapp' using Nrwl Nx schematics.
ng g @nrwl/angular:lib mylib
Generates a new library within the workspace called 'mylib'. This is where you can place shared components, services, and other reusable code.
ng serve myapp
Starts a development server for the 'myapp' application, allowing you to view it in the browser and develop with hot reloading.
nx dep-graph
Visualizes the dependency graph of the monorepo, showing the relationships between apps and libs, which is helpful to understand the structure and interdependencies.