Saga Error Propagation

Illustrate how to propagate errors from one saga to another, allowing for complex error handling strategies across multiple sagas.
function* childSaga() {
  try {
    // Simulating an API call
    const data = yield call(apiCall);
    // Success logic here
  } catch (error) {
    // Propagating the error to the parent saga
    throw new Error('Failed in childSaga', { cause: error });
This is the child saga where an API call or any other operation might fail. If an error occurs, it is caught in the catch block and then re-thrown with additional context (e.g., specifying it failed in childSaga), so the saga that called this saga (parent saga) can handle it.
function* parentSaga() {
  try {
    // Call the child saga
    yield call(childSaga);
    // If child saga succeeds, continue with the parent saga logic
  } catch (error) {
    // Handle error propagated from childSaga
    console.error('Error caught in parentSaga:', error.message);
    // Error handling logic for parent saga here
This is the parent saga that calls the child saga. It tries to run the child saga and catches any errors that are re-thrown from the child saga. This allows for a centralized error handling strategy where errors from multiple child sagas can be handled in their parent saga.