Query Invalidation and Refetching

Explain how to invalidate and refetch queries with React Query after a mutation, using a practical example where updating user information requires refreshing the user list displayed on the screen.
import { useMutation, useQueryClient } from 'react-query';
First, import useMutation and useQueryClient from react-query to be able to perform mutations and access the query client for cache operations.
const queryClient = useQueryClient();
Initialize the query client inside your component to interact with the React Query cache.
const updateUser = async (userData) => {
  // API call to update user data
Define an asynchronous function to update user data through an API call. This will be used in the mutation.
const { mutate } = useMutation(updateUser, {
  onSuccess: () => {
Use useMutation hook to call the updateUser function. On success of the mutation, invalidate the 'users' query to refetch the updated list of users.
Trigger the mutation with the new user details. This updates the user on the server and then invalidates the users query to refetch the updated list.