Optimizing Scroll Performance in Virtualized Lists

Illustrate techniques for optimizing scroll performance in a virtualized list, focusing on reducing repaints and reflows.
import { List } from 'react-virtualized';
Import the List component from react-virtualized for efficient rendering.
const rowRenderer = ({ key, index, style }) => {
  // Render your list item here using the style for positioning
  return <div key={key} style={style}>Your content here</div>;
Define a rowRenderer function that takes an object with key, index, and style. This function returns a JSX element for each row, positioned using the style passed by the List component.
const VirtualizedList = () => (
Create a VirtualizedList component that uses the List component with specified dimensions, row count, and row height. It also uses the rowRenderer function to render each row.
const shouldComponentUpdate = (nextProps, nextState) => {
  // Implement your logic to decide if the component should update
  return true; // Or false based on your condition
Define a shouldComponentUpdate function to control the component's update logic. This can help in optimizing performance by avoiding unnecessary updates.