Optimizing Performance for Large Datasets in TanStack React Charts

Details strategies for optimizing the performance of TanStack React Charts when dealing with large datasets, including efficient data manipulation and minimizing re-renders through memoization.
import React, { useMemo } from 'react';
import { LineChart, Line } from 'recharts';

const MyChart = ({ data }) => {
  // Memoize processed data to avoid recalculations on every render
  const memoizedData = useMemo(() => processData(data), [data]);
  return (
    <LineChart width={400} height={400} data={memoizedData}>
      <Line type="monotone" dataKey="value" stroke="#8884d8" />

// Example data processing function to optimize data before rendering
function processData(data) {
  // Implement data optimization logic here
  return data;

export default MyChart;
This code demonstrates how to optimize performance in TanStack React Charts with large datasets. The key is using the useMemo hook to memoize the processed data. This ensures that heavy data processing tasks are only re-executed when the data actually changes, preventing unnecessary recalculations and re-renders that can lead to performance issues.