Optimizing Component Renders with Redux v5.0.0

Explores the use of React.memo and Redux hooks to prevent unnecessary component re-renders, demonstrating the benefits of Redux v5.0.0's optimized subscription management.
import React, { memo } from 'react';
import { useSelector, shallowEqual } from 'react-redux';

// Custom selector using Reselect for memoization
import { selectSpecificData } from './selectors';

const MyComponent = ({ itemId }) => {
  // Use useSelector with shallowEqual to only re-render when the specific data has changed
  const itemData = useSelector(state => selectSpecificData(state, itemId), shallowEqual);

  return (

// Wrap the component with React.memo to prevent unnecessary renders
export default memo(MyComponent);
This code demonstrates the use of useSelector with shallowEqual for selecting data and only re-rendering when the specific selected data changes. The code fetches specific item data by using the itemId prop passed to MyComponent. Moreover, React.memo wraps the component to avoid re-renders when props haven't changed, which is beneficial for performance with Redux v5.0.0's optimized subscription management.