Migrating to createListenerMiddleware in Redux Toolkit 2.0

Provide an example of replacing the deprecated middleware API with the new createListenerMiddleware for intercepting and reacting to actions.
import { configureStore } from '@reduxjs/toolkit';
import { createListenerMiddleware, addListener } from '@reduxjs/toolkit';

// Define your middleware
const listenerMiddleware = createListenerMiddleware();

// Add listeners within the middleware
  actionCreator: someAction,
  effect: async (action, listenerApi) => {
    // respond to action here
    console.log('Action received:', action);

// Configure the store to use the listener middleware
export const store = configureStore({
  reducer: {
    // Your reducers go here
  middleware: (getDefaultMiddleware) => getDefaultMiddleware().concat(listenerMiddleware.middleware)
This example sets up the createListenerMiddleware in Redux Toolkit 2.0. It first imports the required functions from Redux Toolkit. It then defines the listener middleware using createListenerMiddleware and adds a listener for 'someAction' using startListening. Lastly, it configures the store, including the listener middleware alongside the default middleware provided by RTK.