Managing Concurrent Tasks with Fork and Join

Illustrate how to use the Fork effect to initiate tasks concurrently and the Join effect to wait for those tasks to complete before proceeding.
import { fork, join } from 'redux-saga/effects';

function* task1() {
  // perform some asynchronous operations

function* task2() {
  // perform some other asynchronous operations

function* parentSaga() {
  // Fork tasks and run them concurrently
  const task1Ref = yield fork(task1);
  const task2Ref = yield fork(task2);

  // Join tasks and wait for them to complete
  yield join(task1Ref);
  yield join(task2Ref);

  // Proceed with additional logic knowing both tasks are done
This example demonstrates using 'fork' to initiate task1 and task2 concurrently, meaning they run in parallel without blocking the saga's execution flow. The 'join' effect is then used to wait for both of these tasks to complete. The execution of the parentSaga continues only after both task1Ref and task2Ref have completed, allowing for synchronization of concurrent tasks.