Managing Concurrent Tasks with all Effect

Explains executing multiple sagas in parallel using the `all` effect and waiting for all of them to complete.
import { all, call } from 'redux-saga/effects';

function* fetchUser() {
  // Imagine this saga fetches user data

function* fetchProjects() {
  // Imagine this saga fetches projects

function* fetchAll() {
  yield all([
  // This saga will wait for both fetchUser and fetchProjects to finish

export default fetchAll;
This code demonstrates how to use the `all` effect from redux-saga to run multiple sagas in parallel and wait for all of them to complete before proceeding. It imports the necessary effects from redux-saga, defines two sagas for fetching user data and projects, and then uses the `all` effect combined with `call` to execute these sagas concurrently in the `fetchAll` saga.