Logging Property Access with Proxies

Demonstrate using a Proxy to log each access to property reads on an object for debugging purposes.
// Create an object that we will monitor
const targetObject = {
    name: 'Proxy Target',
    value: 42

// Define the handler to log property access
const logHandler = {
    get(target, property, receiver) {
        console.log(`Accessing property '${property}'`);
        return Reflect.get(target, property, receiver);

// Create the proxy to add the logging behavior
const proxyObject = new Proxy(targetObject, logHandler);

// Access properties through the proxy to trigger the logging
console.log(;  // Logs: Accessing property 'name'
console.log(proxyObject.value); // Logs: Accessing property 'value'
Create a proxy to log access to property reads on an object for debugging. The 'logHandler' defines a 'get' trap that logs each access, and the 'proxyObject' uses this handler. Access properties on 'proxyObject' to see logs.