Integrating third-party libraries with VNodes

Demonstrates how to wrap third-party library components (e.g., a jQuery plugin) into a Vue component and manage them using VNodes.
// Import the necessary tools from Vue
import { defineComponent, onMounted, onBeforeUnmount, h } from 'vue';

// This is a hypothetical third-party library that we're integrating
import ThirdPartyLibrary from 'third-party-library';

export default defineComponent({
    name: 'ThirdPartyComponentWrapper',
    props: {
        options: {
            type: Object,
            required: true,
    setup(props, { expose }) {
        let thirdPartyInstance;

        onMounted(() => {
            // Once the component has been mounted, initialize the third-party library
            thirdPartyInstance = new ThirdPartyLibrary('#third-party-element', props.options);

        onBeforeUnmount(() => {
            // Clean up the instance before the Vue component is destroyed

            // Expose any method that you might want to call on the third-party instance
            thirdPartyMethod() {

        // Render function to provide the HTML element for the third-party library
        return () => h('div', { id: 'third-party-element' });
This JavaScript code defines a Vue component that wraps a generic third-party library by providing a div element as a mount point. The component utilizes Vue's lifecycle hooks to initialize and destroy the third-party library instance. It assumes the third-party library accepts an element and options to initialize and exposes a `destroy` method for cleanup. The `expose` function is used to allow parent components to access methods on the third-party instance.