Integrating Error Handling with Debounced Sagas

Illustrate how to add error handling into a debounced saga, managing failed actions gracefully and implementing retry logic.
import { call, put, delay } from 'redux-saga/effects';
import { retrySaga } from './retrySaga'; // Assume this is a saga that implements retry logic
Imports necessary effects from redux-saga and the custom retrySaga for handling retries.
function* handleAPIFailure(action) {
  // Implement your error handling logic here, e.g., dispatching an action to notify the user
  yield put({ type: 'API_CALL_FAILED', error: action.error });
Defines a saga to handle failures, showing a simplistic example where a failure action is dispatched.
function* debouncedSearch(action) {
  yield delay(500); // Debounce delay
  try {
    yield call(retrySaga, action); // Call the retry saga
  } catch (error) {
    yield call(handleAPIFailure, {...action, error}); // Handle the error if retries fail
Defines the debouncedSearch saga. This includes a try/catch block for executing the retrySaga and handling potential failures by calling handleAPIFailure.