Incremental DOM - Text Node Updates

Provide an example of how to update text nodes efficiently with the Incremental DOM library in Angular.
// Assume we have a function to create elements with Incremental DOM
function renderTextContent(text) {

// Initial rendering of text
incrementaldom.patch(document.getElementById('text-container'), () => {
  renderTextContent('Initial text');
This code defines a function 'renderTextContent' that uses Incremental DOM to render text. It then uses 'incrementaldom.patch' to initially render 'Initial text' into an element with id 'text-container'.
// Function to update the text content efficiently
function updateText(newText) {
  incrementaldom.patch(document.getElementById('text-container'), () => {

// Usage of the updateText function to change the text content to 'Updated text'
updateText('Updated text');
This code provides an 'updateText' function that takes 'newText' as an argument and uses Incremental DOM to update the text content within the 'text-container' element. The 'updateText' function is then called with 'Updated text' to demonstrate how to update the text node.