Implementing Fixed Interval Retry Logic in Redux-Saga

Show how to implement a simple retry logic in Redux-Saga for API calls with a fixed time interval between attempts.
import { call, put, delay } from 'redux-saga/effects';
Imports the necessary functions from Redux-Saga.
function* fetchRetrySaga(action) {
  const maxAttempts = 3;
  let attempts = 0;

  while (attempts < maxAttempts) {
    try {
      // Attempt the API call
      const response = yield call(apiCall, action.payload);
      // If successful, dispatch success action
      yield put({ type: 'FETCH_SUCCESS', payload: response });
      break; // Exit loop on success
    } catch (error) {
      // If an error occurs, increment the attempt counter
      if (attempts >= maxAttempts) {
        // If max attempts reached, dispatch failure action
        yield put({ type: 'FETCH_FAILURE', payload: error });
      } else {
        // If not, wait for a fixed interval before retrying
        yield delay(2000); // 2 seconds delay
Defines a saga that retries an API call up to a maximum number of attempts. It waits for a fixed interval of 2 seconds between each attempt. On success, it dispatches a success action; on failure (after max attempts), it dispatches a failure action.