Implementing a Selector in the WordPress Data Module

Craft a selector function to retrieve a piece of state from the WordPress store, such as a user's display name.
const { registerStore, select } =;

// Define the store name
const STORE_NAME = 'my-custom-store';

// Register the store
registerStore(STORE_NAME, {
  reducer() {
    // Define the initial state
    return {
      currentUser: null // Initial state for current user data
  selectors: {
    // Define a selector to retrieve the current user's display name
    getCurrentUserDisplayName(state) {
      return state.currentUser ? state.currentUser.displayName : null;
  // ... actions, resolvers, etc.

// Use the selector
const displayName = select(STORE_NAME).getCurrentUserDisplayName();
Registers a custom store with an initial state containing the currentUser and a selector to retrieve the current user's display name. The store is named 'my-custom-store'. After registering the store, the selector 'getCurrentUserDisplayName' is used to retrieve and log the display name.