Handling Serialization of Object.create(null)

Demonstrate proper serialization and deserialization techniques for objects created with Object.create(null) to ensure compatibility with JSON-based state persistence in Redux.
function serializeObject(obj) {
  // Convert the object to a JSON string
  return JSON.stringify(obj);
This function takes a plain object and converts it to a JSON string.
function deserializeObject(jsonString) {
  // Parse the JSON string back into an object
  let obj = JSON.parse(jsonString);
  // Recreate the object with a null prototype
  return Object.assign(Object.create(null), obj);
This function takes a JSON string, parses it into a plain object, and then recreates the object with a null prototype.
// Example object created with a null prototype
const obj = Object.create(null); = 'Redux Toolkit';
obj.isSerializable = true;

// Serialize the object
const serializedObj = serializeObject(obj);

// Deserialize the object
const deserializedObj = deserializeObject(serializedObj);

This demonstrates creating an object with a null prototype, serializing it to a JSON string, and then deserializing it back to an object with a null prototype.