Handling Multi-Selection and Hierarchical Facets

Show code on how to enable multi-selection within faceted search options and how to structure hierarchical facets for nested data categorization in React TanStack Table.
const [selectedFacets, setSelectedFacets] = useState({});

function handleFacetToggle(facetCategory, facetValue) {
  const currentSelectedFacets = {...selectedFacets};
  if (currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory]?.includes(facetValue)) {
    currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory] = currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory].filter(item => item !== facetValue);
    if (currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory].length === 0) delete currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory];
  } else {
    currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory] = currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory] ? [...currentSelectedFacets[facetCategory], facetValue] : [facetValue];
This code snippet is for handling multiple selection within faceted search options. It maintains a state of selected facets, and toggles selection status of a given facet value within a category when invoked.
const hierarchicalFacets = {
  category: {
    Electronics: ['Phones', 'Laptops'],
    Clothing: ['Men', 'Women']

function renderHierarchicalFacets(facetCategory, facets) {
  return facets[facetCategory].map(subCategory => (
    <div key={subCategory}>
      {hierarchicalFacets[facetCategory][subCategory].map(item => (
          onChange={() => handleFacetToggle(facetCategory, item)}
          checked={selectedFacets[facetCategory]?.includes(item) || false}
This piece demonstrates handling hierarchical facets for nested data categorization. A predefined structure `hierarchicalFacets` organizes categories and their sub-categories. The `renderHierarchicalFacets` function iteratively generates UI components for each facet and its nested options, connecting them with the `handleFacetToggle` function for selection management.