Detaching Change Detectors

Detach the change detector for specific components when updates are known to be unnecessary, and manually reattach when needed.
class MyComponent {
  constructor(changeDetectorRef) {
    this.changeDetectorRef = changeDetectorRef;

  // Method to detach the change detector
  detachChangeDetector() {

  // Method to reattach the change detector
  reattachChangeDetector() {

  // Example of a method where we might want to detach the change detector
  fetchData() {
    // ... fetch data logic
    // Data is fetched and component state is updated
    // Reattach change detector after data fetching is done
This code defines a "MyComponent" class that includes a constructor accepting changeDetectorRef, a method for detaching the change detector from the component, and a method for reattaching it. There's also an example of a fetchData method showing when you might want to detach the change detector (before data fetching) and reattach it afterwards to update the view.