Designing Early Exit Strategies in Middleware

Provide an example of a Redux middleware function that incorporates early exit strategies to prevent unnecessary processing, demonstrating how to optimize middleware performance by quickly bypassing irrelevant actions.
const earlyExitMiddleware = store => next => action => {
  // Terminate early if the action type doesn't match specific criteria
  if (action.type !== 'SPECIFIC_ACTION_TYPE') {
    return next(action);

  // Process the action if it matches 'SPECIFIC_ACTION_TYPE'
  // Custom logic goes here...

  // Pass the action to the next middleware in the chain
This middleware function showcases the early exit strategy. If the incoming action type does not match 'SPECIFIC_ACTION_TYPE', the middleware immediately calls `next(action)` to pass it along without further processing. If it is a matching action, it proceeds with the custom logic, and then calls `next(action)` to continue the action through the middleware chain.