Defining and Using Typed Selectors

Illustrate the use of createSelector from Reselect with TypeScript to create type-safe selectors that can derive data from the Redux store state.
// Define the state shape
interface State {
  user: {
    name: string;
    age: number;
  products: {
    items: Array<{ id: number; name: string }>;

// Define a simple selector
const selectUser = (state: State) => state.user;

// Define a selector with Reselect, that derives data from the state
import { createSelector } from 'reselect';

const selectUserName = createSelector(
  (user) =>

const selectUserAge = createSelector(
  (user) => user.age
This code defines a `State` interface which encapsulates types for `user` and `products`. It then defines simple selectors to extract `user` from the state. After that, it uses `createSelector` from `Reselect` to create derived selectors for the `name` and `age` of the `user`, providing type safety by using those selectors.
// Define a product selector
const selectProducts = (state: State) => state.products.items;

// Define a memoized selector to get all product names
const selectProductNames = createSelector(
  (products) => =>
This code snippet showcases how to define a typed selector for `products` within the state. It then uses the `createSelector` function to derive and map through all product names, creating a memoized selector for optimized performance.
// Usage example within a React component
import { useSelector } from 'react-redux';

function UserDetails() {
  const userName = useSelector(selectUserName);
  const userAge = useSelector(selectUserAge);
  const productNames = useSelector(selectProductNames);

  // ... render or use the selected data
This code example demonstrates how to use the typed selectors `selectUserName`, `selectUserAge`, and `selectProductNames` within a React component using the `useSelector` hook from `react-redux` to access type-safe data from the Redux store state.