Creating Custom Debounce Logic in Redux-Saga

Showcase a custom debouncing solution using `delay` and `takeLatest` effects to handle complex scenarios not covered by the default `debounce` effect.
import { takeLatest, call, delay } from 'redux-saga/effects';

function* handleInputSaga(action) {
  // Simulate a time-consuming task, e.g., API call
  // Implementation specifics depend on the application context

function* customDebounceSaga(actionType, wait) {
  // Use the takeLatest effect to always take the latest action dispatched
  yield takeLatest(actionType, function* (action) {
    // Delay the saga for a specified time
    yield delay(wait);
    // Call the actual saga to handle the action after the delay
    yield call(handleInputSaga, action);
This code snippet demonstrates how to create a custom debouncing logic in Redux-Saga using `takeLatest` and `delay` effects. When multiple actions of the specified type are dispatched, it ensures that only the latest action is processed after a specific time period (`wait`). This pattern is useful for handling rapid user input or API calls efficiently, preventing excessive executions that could lead to performance issues or API rate limits being exceeded.