Conditional Rendering with React Server Components

Illustrate conditional rendering within a React Server Component, rendering different components or content based on server-side logic or data.
// ServerComponent.js
import { db } from './database';
import AdminPanel from './AdminPanel.server';
import UserDashboard from './UserDashboard.server';
import GuestWelcome from './GuestWelcome.server';

export default function ServerComponent({ user }) {
  let content;
  // Perform server-side logic to determine what to render
  if (user) {
    if (user.isAdmin) {
      // Render AdminPanel for admin users
      content = <AdminPanel user={user} />;
    } else {
      // Render UserDashboard for logged-in users
      content = <UserDashboard user={user} />;
  } else {
    // Render GuestWelcome for guests
    content = <GuestWelcome />;

  // Return the chosen content
  return content;
This is a React Server Component that conditionally renders different components based on user information. It uses server-side logic to determine if a user is logged in, and if they are, whether they are an admin. Depending on the user's status, it renders an AdminPanel, UserDashboard, or a GuestWelcome component.