Case-Insensitive Path Matcher

Demonstrate how to create a custom route matcher that is case-insensitive when matching URLs.
function caseInsensitivePathMatcher(requestPath, routePath) {
  // Convert both strings to lower case for a case-insensitive comparison
  var normalizedRequestPath = requestPath.toLowerCase();
  var normalizedRoutePath = routePath.toLowerCase();

  // Perform the match operation
  return normalizedRequestPath === normalizedRoutePath;
Defines a function to compare a requested path with a route path in a case-insensitive manner, by normalizing both paths to lower case before comparison.
var matchResult = caseInsensitivePathMatcher('/About', '/about');
console.log(matchResult); // Will log true
Here we test the function with two similar paths differing only in case. '/About' should match '/about' in a case-insensitive match, resulting in true.