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Make landing pages (lead pages, opt-in pages, squeeze pages, splash pages,
sales pages, launch pages) for your business. Free.

DIY constructor

Easily generate landing pages with professional design even if you are a beginner.

Instantly make several versions of a landing page for A/B testing.

Responsive design

Landing pages look nice on every device.

Get payments

Get payments on your landing page with Yandex.Kassa. Provide your clients with multiple payment methods.

Traffic optimization

Automatically optimize landing page conversion with individual A/B testing for each segment of your audience.


Display individual relevant titles for each advertisement on the same landing page.


All your leads are saved into Borstch mini CRM-system.

Free SSL-certificate

Higher trust both from users and search systems.

DDoS atack protection

Your site is allways protected from hackers.

Easily create stunning
landing pages...

just by combining blocks and
placing your images and titles.

All attention on the content!

No need to think about design or functionality. All this is already done for you by experts.

Nice and beautiful

Borstch landing page design is based on responsive elements. Once you create a landing page it will look nice on each device.

Easy-to-set-up integration
with other platforms


Collect rich statistics about your traffic to gain deep insights about your clients behavior and perform optimizations.


Get payments right from your landing pages via Yandex.Kassa. Provide your clients with multiple payment methods.


Automatically collect leads from your landing pages into your Mailchimp lists and send automatic personalized e-mail series.

Instantly receive sms notifications about your leads.

AmoCRM and Bitrix24

Automatically collect leads into AmoCRM and Bitrix24.

Pogodi Widget

Automatic callback and leads capture service for your landing pages.

Other useful features

Free hosting

Create unlimited number of landing pages which will be served from our servers.

Your domains and unique branded URLs

Connect your domains and set unique branded URLs for each landing page.

Set up

Set titles, descriptions, keywords. Upload your favicon. Create sitemap.xml files.

Custom code and integrations

Integrate any service including analytics services. Add your own custom html, js, css code to your landing pages.

Create landing pages that really
bring clients to your business.

Enter your e-mail below to receive
"create you first landing page" video-tutorial.

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